Community: The Next Generation Ch. 12 Fair Safety

Title: Fair Safety
Summary: The school fair comes to Greendale Community College. Jenna works with Jeff as fair security. Madison tries to dunk Chang and a bumper car fight breaks out.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own Community and Dan Harmon can use all of this.
Spoilers: Post Season 5, Preseason 6.
Word Count: 2,665
A/N: Finally finished this fic and enjoying Red Band Society. Life is good.
Who the characters are based on:
Elizabeth Gillies/Jenna King
Daniella Bobadilla/Madison Rivera
Ciara Bravo/Ella Rumpskin
Joe Jo (Justkiddingfilms)/Leonardo 'Leo' Monte Lee
Charlie Carver/Eric Peters
Max Carver/Brett Peters

At Greendale Community College, students are walking to class. Jenna King and Madison Rivera are two of the students walking to their math class. The PA system fills the noise in the hallways.

“And remember, the parking for this weekend’s school fair will be decided at lunch. I will be deaning off against City College Dean Spreck in human chess in the cafeteria. Volunteer pieces please meet at my office at 11:15 am for your costumes.” The PA system announces.

Jenna shakes her head in disgust. “Who volunteers for that?”” Jenna asks Madison.

Madison doesn’t heard her as she said, “I hope I get to be the Queen.” Jenna sighs as they walk into class and to their seats.

Eric Peters, Ella Rumpskin and Leo Lee are already at their seats as Mr. Port, their math teacher begins class. Mr. Port is a bearded man with brown hair. He is wearing a brown suit that matches his hair.

“Alright everyone, past in your assignment to my desk.” He said. Ella raises her hand. Mr. Port sighs. “Yes, Rumpstick?” He asks.

“It’s Rumpskin.” Ella said. A few students in the back snicker. Ella rolls her eyes in annoyance as she continues, “Which assignment do we turn in? Math Wars I: The Phantom Equation or Math Wars IV: A New Formula?” She asks.

“For you, the entire trilogy.” Mr. Port said.

“Oh good.” Ella said smiling as she walks up to Mr. Port’s desk and place a stack of assignments on his desk.

“And there goes my weekend.” Mr. Port said in annoyance.

Ella smiles at him as she fixes her glasses.


At lunchtime in the cafeteria, Jenna and the group are sitting together eating lunch. Madison is not there as she is involve in the human chess match.

“I’m surprise on how well Madison is doing as Queen.” Eric said as he watches the match.

“Well, the Dean does play a mean game of chess.” A familiar voice said.

Jenna turn her head to the side to see her uncle, Jeff Winger. “Hey, Jeff.” She said.

“Jenna.” Jeff replies. “Saved by the Bell rejects.” He address the rest of the group. They’re taken aback by the remark except for Leo, who nods his head in agreement after thinking about it. “May I have a seat?” He asks.

Jenna motions Eric and Leo to scout down to give Jeff a seat. Jeff sits down as he starts texting on his phone. “So, uncle. What brings you here?” Jenna asks.

“Craig is making me work a booth at the fair this weekend and as much I wouldn’t mind this. I’m the only one working it.” Jeff said.

“So you need some volunteers?” Eric asks. Jeff nods.

“What about your usual crew?” Leo asks.

“They’re helping Shirley and her sandwich booth instead. She innocently forced them to help her.” Jeff said.

“Innocently?” Ella asks.

Jeff sheesh Ella. “She could hear us.” Jeff motions to where Shirley is working at her sandwich shop in the cafeteria. “So who wants to help?” He asks, smiling. Eric, Leo and Ella quickly leave their seats. Jeff’s smile turns into a frown. “I had that coming.” He said.

Jenna lets out a small smile. “Definitely. Don’t worry, I’ll help out.” She said.

“Thank you.” Jeff said.

“So what’s the booth?” Jenna asks.

“Not sure yet. Dean Pelton won’t tell me.” Jeff said.

Cheers can be heard throughout the cafeteria. Dean Pelton has beaten Dean Spreck for parking for the fair. The students dress as chess pieces celebrate with Dean Pelton. “Eat that Spreck!” Dean Pelton shouts.

Dean Spreck groans in arrogance as he and his student chess pieces walk away. “Yeah! And tell your King piece that I would checkmate him any day!” Madison shouts in her Queen Chess piece costume.

“Okay, too personal.” Dean Pelton said.

“Sorry.” Madison said. She mouths to the City College King piece as he looks back, “Checkmate any day!”


It is the morning of Saturday. The Greendale school fair is filled with vendors preparing their booths in the quad. Midway rides and games have been setup as people wait patiently for the ticket booth to open. Jeff and Jenna stand in front of their booth. A big cage with a sign hanging on it.

“Fair Security?” Jenna asks as she reads the sign.

Dean Pelton drives by in a security golf cart wearing a police uniform. “Aye Jeff, Jenna! Good to see that you’re here for your booth. As you can see, you will be detaining fellow fair members to be put in this cage if they cause a fair foul.” He said.

“Didn’t this happened on Modern Family?” Jenna asks.

“Dean, how is this even a booth?” Jeff asks in frustration.

“Well Jeff, not all booths are to earn money or fundraise. Also we still don’t have any security guards for this big of an event.” Dean Pelton said. He gets off the security golf cart and takes out a pair of windbreakers, caps and the jail key. He gives them to Jeff and Jenna. “Here are your uniforms, the keys to the cage and the security cart. You will receive a text telling you who to deantain. Have fun you guys.” Dean Pelton said as he leaves.

Jenna and Jeff groan as they put on their windbreakers and caps. Jenna takes out her aviators and puts them on. They get on the security golf cart and start the engine.

“This is going to be horrible.” Jenna said.

“At least we’re not working the Hug Garrett booth.” Jeff said as they drive off.


The fair is in full swing as people enjoy the fair. The scream of excitement from people can be heard from the rides they are on. Madison walking pass the various vendors eating cotton candy. She notices Chang sitting inside a dunk tank. She walks up to him.

“Oh hey, Chang.” Madison said.

“Great, Rainbow Dash is here.” Chang said.

“I thought you were doing stuff for the school board.” Madison said.

“I am. That’s why I’m in this dunk tank. Every time someone dunks me, the board gives a hundred dollars to the campus.” Chang said.

“Oh, that’s great.” Madison said.

“As if. Nobody has dunk me yet. I’ve been sitting here for three hours.” Chang said.

“Well then. I’ll dunk you.” Madison said.

She walks up to the bullseye trigger. “Whoa, hold it Senorita!” Chang protests. Madison stops. “Hit it, like everyone else.” He said.

Madison looks around. “Um, where’s the balls?” She asks.

“I don’t know. Go find it.” Chang said.

Madison groans. “When I come back, you are getting dunked.” She said as she walks off in search for the dunk tank balls.


“Come on. I didn’t do nothing!” Leonard said as Jenna locks him up in the jailhouse. The jailhouse is filled with people.

“Shut up Leonard, everyone knows you cheat at ring toss.” Jeff said from the security golf cart.

Jenna walks back to the security golf cart. “It’s almost lunch. Want to get a bite somewhere?” Jenna asks. She takes out her phone to see if she got any text messages for any more people to send to the jailhouse.

“What to get a sandwich from Shirley’s booth?” Jeff asks.

“Yeah, and while we’re at it we can get our next person.” Jenna said.

“Who?” Jeff asks.

Jenna gives her phone to Jeff as he looks in surprise to see Annie Edison’s name on the last text.


Eric, Ella and Leo are waiting in the long line for the bumper cars. Leo is behind Eric and Ella holding a big stuff animal cat.

“Ugh, why the hell is this line so long? We’ve been on this line for the whole day.” Eric asks.

“It’s because this bumper car booth is the latest and revolutionary bumper cars in bumper car history. The area has slopes and the cars are filled with see through wire lights that light up when you get hit. Also the song track they play is very up to date.” Ella said.

“Man! Now I want to go on it so badly!” Leo said in frustration.

Brett Peters walks by eating popcorn. “Hey losers! Good luck getting on, I heard some gang is hogging on to their cars after they pawned everyone.” He said as he continues walking away.

Eric looks confuse at this information. “Wait how can a gang hold up their cars, I thought bumper cars are supposed to be bumped?” He asks.

“The cars are designed to light up when you get hit, not when you hit someone.” Ella replies.

“Man!” Leo said. “Hey! Losers! Stop hogging the bumper cars!” He shouts.

A man walks out from the bumper car area, it is Mike Chilada. “Hey! Who the hell said we can’t hog the bumper cars?” He shouts to the line.

“The man with Mr. Whiskers.” Leo shouts hold up the stuff animal cat. Eric and Ella look at Leo weirdly. “What? A lot of people call their cats Mr. Whiskers.” Leo said.

“How did you even get that?” Ella asks.

“When you beat us, then we’ll leave but for now. Wait your turn, losers!” Mike shouts to them as he laughs manically. He goes back to his bumper car.

Eric shakes his head. “It is so on.” He said.


At Shirley’s sandwich booth, Jeff and Jenna stop their security cart in front of the booth. Shirley, Abed, Britta and Annie are hard at work making sandwiches.

“Hi, Jeff! Jenna!” Shirley said happily.

“There you two are! We were wondering what you two were doing.” Britta said.

“Just working our booth.” Jeff said.

“Is it a cop theme one?” Abed asks, pointing out their uniforms.

“Sort of.” Jenna replies.

“So you guys taking a break to get some lunch?” Annie asks.

“Actually, we’re here for you.” Jenna said.

“What?” Annie asks in confusion.

“Where were you this morning between 9am to 9:10am?” Jeff asks.

“Oh, that was the break Shirley gave us before we started working. She really got us working hard.” Annie said.

“We got a report saying you tried to get a stuff cat at the.” Jenna said reading the text on her phone. “Penny jar guessing booth.” She said.

“Hey, I guess those pennies correctly. The vendor won’t give me the stuffie.” Annie said.

“Well, it’s missing.” Jeff said.

“Annie, we are not accusing you of anything but we need to put you in custody till this is sorted out.” Jenna said.

“How long is that going to take?” Annie asks.

“The whole day.” Jenna said. Annie thinks for a moment. She quickly runs off. Jenna and Jeff sighs. “Should we get her?” Jenna asks Jeff.

“Lunch first and then we’ll chase.” Jeff said.


Back at the bumper car line, Eric and Leo are still stuck in line. Ella is holding Mr. Whiskers now. “Now, where the hell did you come from?” She asks.

Annie comes running past them. She stops and back tracks in front of them.

“Say, where did you guys get that?” Annie asks looking at Mr. Whiskers.

“Found it by a jar of pennies.” Leo said.

“You stole this!” Annie said.

“Next group of people!” The bumper car attendant shouts. Eric, Leo, Ella and Annie end up moving to the bumper car ride.

Mike and his gang are waiting in their bumper cars. Annie stops Leo before he enters his bumper car. “If I help you guys, will you return the stuffie?” Annie asks.

“Guys, we need to get in now!” Eric said in his bumper car. Mike’s bumper car crashes into Eric’s as the bumper cars start.


Madison throw another ball at the bullseye. Nothing happen.

“Ha! You suck!” Chang shouts.

“Shut up Chang!” Madison shouts back. She grabs another ball and throws it. Nothing happen. Madison growls. “I’ll dunk you sooner or later.” She said.


Jeff and Jenna are riding around the fair in the security golf cart. Jeff is behind the wheel and Abed has tagged along in the back.

“So what are you going to do when you capture Annie?” Abed asks.

“I don’t know. Lock her up until this is resolved.” Jeff said.

“But, do you really want to do that?” Abed asks.

“Of course not but I want to at least be a good example to Jenna.” Jeff said.

“Hold on. You’re using me as an excuse?” Jenna asks. “You can’t use me as an excuse because you’re perfectly fine with chasing Annie.” Jenna said.

“No, I’m not.” Jeff replies.

“Yes, you are.” Jenna said.

They start arguing. Jeff stops the cart. “Can we agree that if we find Annie, we won’t arrest her?” Jeff asks.

“Fine.” Jenna said.

They come across the bumper cars where Mike and his gang is beating Eric, Ella, Leo and Annie in bumper car. They stop and get off. They walk up to the bumper cars.

“Whoa, wait your turn.” The bumper car attendant said.

“Out!” Jenna shouts at the bumper car attendant. He walks away.

“What’s going on here?” Jeff asks.

“Hey, it’s forehead!” Mike shouts.

Jeff groans. "Not you again." Jeff said.

Mike parks his bumper car in front of Jeff. “Look at you! Here to relieve your girlfriend and her friends from their ass whooping.” Mike shouts in Jeff’s face.

Jeff giggles, smiling at Mike. Jeff punch Mike in the face. Mike hits the ground. Mike’s gang get out of their bumper cars and start advancing toward Jeff, Jenna and Abed. Annie, Eric, Ella and Leo with Mr. Whiskers get out of their bumper cars and stand besides Jeff.

“Guys.” Eric said.

Jenna notices Mr. Whiskers. “Is that the stuff animal that cause all this?” She asks.

“Well…” Leo said before Annie steps on his foot. “Yes.” He said.

“Abed, I’ve never been in a fight before. What do I do?” Ella asks Abed.

“Just reenact scenes from Karate Kid. The original. That’s what I usually do.” Abed said.

Mike gets up. “Time to kick your ass again.” He shouts.

“That was five years ago and we kicked your ass.” Jeff said.

“Let’s see you do it again then.” Mike shouts as him and his gang charge at them.


Madison is still trying to knock Chang into the dunk tank. A group of students walk past her. She overhears one of the students said, “Hurry up. We’re going to miss the fight at the bumper cars.”

“Fight?” Madison said out loud as she turn her head the moment she throws the ball at the bullseye. The ball hits it and Chang falls into the dunk tank. Madison cheers at her accomplishment.


Sometime later, Mike and his gang are lock up inside the jailhouse. Jeff and Jenna’s study groups are at Shirley’s sandwich booth, eating sandwiches. Jeff is spotting a black eye and Leo has his shirt torn.

“Well it’s good that’s over with.” Annie said.

“All because of a stupid stuff cat.” Jenna said holding Mr. Whiskers.

“Hey, he is a very intelligent stuff cat.” Leo said taking Mr. Whiskers.

“Well I got the school board to donate a hundred dollars to Greendale.” Madison said.

“Good for you.” Britta said as they high five.

Jeff receives a text. “Great, there’s an incident at the Ferris Wheel.” Jeff said. He silence his phone. “I’m sure someone else will handle it.” He said.

“Jeff.” Annie said.

Jeff sighs. “Come on Jenna. We got some work to do.” He said as they leave. The sound of the CSI: Miami theme can be heard.

“Ella turn that off.” Shirley said pointing to Ella who has set up a pair of speakers by the booth.

“Sorry.” Ella said as she turn off the speakers playing the song.


End Tag

Dean Pelton is managing the Hug Garrett booth.

“Come on, step right up and hug Garrett.” Dean Pelton said.

“I need to use the bathroom.” Garrett said.

“Not now Garrett! You’re working.” Dean Pelton said.

Wraith of Paintball

Summary: The students of Greendale finally gets to play another game of paintball assassin but someone is preventing it from happening.
Spoilers: Set after season 5, before season 6.
Disclaimer: I don't own Community. And Dan Harmon can use all of this.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,994
A/N: A paintball story set after season 5 that wraps a J/A storyline about them not getting to watch a movie together because of the insane paintball master. Also just to let you know, the movie that Jeff wanted to see was What If?

A tall slim man walks to a lone figure painting on a canvas. The man is wearing a black suit. His black hair is tied in a ponytail. He hands the lone figure a filer.

“They have finally announced their next one, my lord.” The man said.

The lone figure starts laughing menacing as he drops the filer down on the ground. The filer is for an end of summer game of paintball assassin at Greendale Community College.


“Dean! This is a horrible idea!” Britta shouts to the Dean Pelton.

Jeff, Annie, Britta, Shirley and Abed are in Study Room F with Dean Pelton standing next to Britta. Dean Pelton is holding one of the summer paintball filers in his hand.

“Come on now. It’s a way to end the summer. Besides, I got the janitors on board to clean up everything before fall this time.” Dean Pelton protests.

“That doesn’t matter. We’ve done paintball way too many times.” Abed said.

“And it feels like a chore now.” Shirley said. “Not that we shouldn’t do our chores.” She quickly said.

“Dean, we just finished saving Greendale this year. I don’t think this is how we should celebrate our accomplishments. Right, Jeff?” Annie asks as she sees Jeff texting on his phone, not paying attention. “Jeff.” Annie said firmly.

Jeff takes his focus off of his phone as he looks at Annie. “Yes?” He asks.

“Were you even paying attention?” Annie said raising her voice.

Jeff quickly looks around as he notices the filer in Dean Pelton’s hand. “Oh, paintball. Wooo.” Jeff said mildly as he raises a fist in the air. “I don’t care.” He said.

“Why not?” Annie demands.

“Because he’s a teacher. The rules states teachers are excluded from participating.” Abed said quickly.

“Which mean that while you guys are busy reenacting your favorite 80s action stars. I get to spend that day at the movies.” Jeff said.

“Really now? Watching what?” Annie asks.

“Most likely Guardians of the Galaxy. I pinpointed fifteen similarities between you and Star Lord so far.” Abed said.

“Or maybe it’s a chick flick.” Britta said.

“I doubt it. There are only summer action flicks playing right now.” Abed said.

“Hey! What about my paintball game?” Dean Pelton asks.

“Ugh, count me out. I think I’ll just get things prepared for fall.” Annie said.

“Ahh, come on now. I got a special surprise prize for the winner and it’s not theater tickets.” Dean Pelton said.

“Dean, really? You’re going to beg us to join?” Britta asks.

“It’s not paintball without you guys.” Dean Pelton said.

“Well I’m sorry but I’m not doing it.” Jeff said. He gets up and leaves.

“I’m not changing my opinion but hope you guys have fun.” Annie said as she leaves also.

Dean Pelton looks desperately at the remaining members of the study group. The group sighs as they nod in agreement.

“Alright, Dean. We’ll be there.” Shirley said.

“Oh thank you! You won’t regret it.” Dean Pelton said. He happily walks away. As he leaves the man from before walks in.

“Is this where the Greendale Seven resides?” The man asks.

“Um, yes.” Britta replies.

“My name is Yohan. My lord has sent me here to greet you.” He said.

“Oh, that’s nice.” Shirley said.

“Who is your lord?” Abed asks, interested by this man.

“Obviously Jesus.” Shirley said.

“My lord will be here on the day of paintball. He hopes good wishes to you.” Yohan said as he leaves.

“Anyone finds that weird?” Britta asks.

“You mean the part where the good man telling us that his lord wishes us a good paintball game?” Shirley asks.


Annie is in the cafeteria eating at a table as Jeff walks over. He sits down in front of her.

“Yes?” Annie asks.

“Um, Annie. I was wondering.” Jeff said. Jeff pauses as Annie looks at him with concern. Finally, with a low voice, “Do you want to come with me to the movies?” He asks.

“Oh! Sure.” Annie said.

“Wait! What?” Jeff asks in surprise.

“I don’t see why not. We’re the only members not doing the whole paintball thing so it would be fun to do something with just the two of us away from Greendale for a change.” Annie said.

Jeff smiles at Annie. “So what movie shall we watch?” He asks.

“I don’t know. Surprise me.” Annie said.


The Day of Paintball

The cafeteria has a stage set up inside. Dean Pelton is onstage with microphone in hand. Various students wielding paintball guns surround the stage. Abed, Britta and Shirley are in the crowd of students.

“Hello, fellow Human Beings. Are you really for us to end this summer with some paintball?” Dean Pelton announce in joy. The students cheer in celebration.

“Now before we begin I have some words…” Dean Pelton said before he is interrupted by the sound of a gong.

The gong continues ringing as the students start to turn their attention away from the stage. They see Yohan. He is carrying a heavy backpack and in his hand is a gong which he continues striking with his hand. Behind him is a man standing six feet tall. He is wearing a medieval brown cloak that covers his body and face. The students around them move away as Yohan and the man walks onto the stage. They stop besides Dean Pelton as Yohan continues pounding on the gong. The pounding of the gong goes on for a minute.

“You can stop now Yohan.” The man said.

Yohan stops as he walks off the stage to the left side of the cafeteria.

“Um, Okay.” Dean Pelton said. The man grabs the microphone from Dean Pelton with his left hand. “Rude!” Dean Pelton said.

Abed, Shirley and Britta walk up to Yohan. “Yohan? What’s going on?” Britta asks.

“My lord is making his appearance.” Yohan said.

“I thought your lord was Jesus.” Shirley remarks.

“Who is he?” Abed asks.

The man onstage with Dean Pelton speaks into the microphone. His voice is gruff as he says, “Greetings fellow warriors. I see many of you are thirsty for battle but that will be put on hold until I get what I want.”

“Get off the stage loser!” A familiar voice shouts out from the audience. Star-burns come out to the front row, paintball gun in hand.

The man seems to be in disgust. “What is wrong with your face? There’re stars on it.” The man said.

“Hey! You don’t have a right to make fun of me!” Star-burns said as he ready his paintball gun. A shot of paint hits the left side of Star-burns’ face, coving his star.

The man is holding in his other hand a paintball gun. “You know what they say turn the other cheek, so that I can paint that star too.” The man said. Star-burns looks shock as he quickly runs back into the crowd. The man smirks. “Does anyone else want to interrupt Lord Paintball?” He said.

“Lord Paintball!” Abed said in astonishment. His face drops in horror.

“What a horrible name.” Britta said.

Shirley notices Abed’s face. “Abed? You know this man?” Shirley asks.

“During our first paintball game, Troy once told me of this name. A man that took paintball to another level that even professionals feared him. He was so dangerous that nobody wanted to play against him.” Abed said.

“Because he was that good?” Britta asks.

“Because he was completely insane.” Abed said.

“Now then, I wish to duel the paintball champion here. Bring me Pierce Hawthorne!” Lord Paintball demands.

“He’s dead.” One of the students in the crowd shouts.

“Wait? What?” Lord Paintball asks in confusion.

“He died like this year or something.” Another student shouts out.

“Damn! I can’t fight a ghost! I’m not a medium.” Lord Paintball said. He looks at Dean Pelton. “Who else do you have?” Lord Paintball asks.

“We have Chang.” Dean Pelton said.

“No! If I have to fight that loser, I will paint this place blue and white.” Lord Paintball said.

“Actually that’s our school colors.” Dean Pelton points out.

“What! You’re called Greendale and you don’t use green? You’re as bad as Greenland!” Lord Paintball remarks.

“Well what do you want us to be called? Bluedale? Most of us are depressed as it is.” Dean Pelton said.

Lord Paintball looks out to the corner where Yohan is. “Yohan! Is there any other champions in this school?” Lord Paintball asks.

“There is one more. He’s name is Jeff Winger.” Yohan shouts.

“Winger.” Lord Paintball said in amusement. “Yes, the perfect name for a champion! Bring him here now or you will all suffer my wraith!” Lord Paintball shouts.

“Oh come on!” Britta shouts. “There’s like forty of us and one of him! We can take…” Britta shouts before a shot of paint lands on her chest.

“I want your champion, not your fool!” Lord Paintball said.

Britta looks at the paint on her chest. “Fine. I’ll text Jeff.” Britta said as she takes out her phone.


At the Greendale Theaters, Jeff and Annie are waiting in line to purchase movie tickets.

“So what are we watching?” Annie asks.

“You told me to surprise you right? I think you’ll like this one.” Jeff replies. Annie smiles happily as they continue waiting in line. Jeff’s phone notifies him of a text. He takes it out as he looks at the text. His face turns serious.

“What’s wrong?” Annie asks.

“We have to go back to the school.” Jeff said.


Forty seven rounds of paint in your gun. Forty seven rounds of paint. You shoot one out. Hit someone. Forty six rounds of paint in your gun!” Lord Paintball sings to the crowd, who are also singing along with him. Jeff and Annie enter the cafeteria as they look in confusion at the chorus that is happening.

“Oh, Jeff’s here!” Dean Pelton said in happiness. Jeff and Annie walks up to the front row of the crowd of students in front of the stage.

“Seriously, this is what you guys wanted me here for?” Jeff asks, looking annoy by what is happening.

“Ahh, Winger! The champion I’ve been looking for!” Lord Paintball said.

“Who the hell are you?” Jeff asks.

Lord Paintball reveals his face to Jeff. Lord Paintball has short black hair. His eyes are brown. He gives a wide smile to Jeff. “I am Lord Paintball and you will duel me in paintball!” Lord Paintball said.

“Um, no.” Jeff said as he starts walking away. “I can’t believe you guys ruined my day at the movies!” He shouts to the students.

“Movies? Ah!” Lord Paintball said in amusement. “Tell me, was it going to be a chick flick?” Lord Paintball asks.

Jeff stops in his tracks. He turns around. “What was that?” He asks in anger.

“Ha! It was a chick flick! I could tell with that piece of tail that came with…” Lord Paintball said before a shot of paint hits his right cheek. The students gasp in shock as they see Annie holding a paintball gun in hand.

“Piece of tail?” Annie said in anger. “The name’s Annie Edison and you’ve just made the biggest mistake in your life.” She said.

Lord Paintball wipes the paint off his cheek with a moist towelette. “She’s a keeper.” Lord Paintball remarks. He smirks as he tosses the towelette to the side. “Well, Winger. Edison. I like you two so I’m going to take you both on!” Lord Paintball said.

“I said I’m not playing! You Black Rider rip-off!” Jeff said.

“Really now? Comparing me to that half handsome fool? I’m going to enjoy painting that forehead of yours!” Lord Paintball said. Yohan comes running to the stage with the backpack. He gives the backpack to Lord Paintball.

Jeff groans. “You know what? You’re on!” Jeff said as he grabs a paintball gun from the nearest student next to him as he walks up back to Annie.

“That's the spirit!” Lord Paintball said as he tosses the microphone aside. He takes off his cloak revealing a black unitard with silver paintball chest armor and leggings. Two paintball guns are strap on the side of his waist with a silver belt. On the right wrist is a silver button watch. He opens the backpack revealing a variety of paintball weapons. He takes out a silver metal lower half mask. “Tonight, I dine on sarcasm soup!” He said as he puts it on.

“Did he just rip off a movie quote?” Shirley asks Abed.

“Oh, one moment.” Lord Paintball said. He turns his focus towards Dean Pelton. “Quick question? How good are your janitors at removing gum from under the cafeteria tables?” Lord Paintball asks.

“I think they check it every once in a while.” Dean Pelton said.

“Then they must have missed the paint bombs I planted last night.” Lord Paintball said.

“Paint what?” Annie asks as Lord Paintball press the button watch on his wrist.

Annie and Jeff quickly grab on to each other as they hear the noise of the paint bombs exploding behind them. The tables in the back release paint underneath as it hits the crowd of students. The students react in fear as they start running for cover. Dean Pelton quickly hides behind Yohan as Abed, Britta and Shirley run for cover. Lord Paintball stands onstage in front of Jeff and Annie, holding a paintball rifle in hand.

“If you thought that was good, you should check out my rear after you kiss it!” Lord Paintball shouts as he opens fire. Jeff and Annie dodge the rounds as they run together. They hide behind the closest cover they could find. Lord Paintball starts singing. “My paintballs are ruining your café. Damn right, it’s ruining your café. I can end this. But I must see you beg.

“I’m pretty sure this is one of the craziest things to happen to this place.” Annie said.

“This guy makes Chang look like Mr. Rogers. And that’s saying something.” Jeff said.

“Come on now! I want to see more life out of you two!” Lord Paintball shouts.

Jeff gets up and start running as he continues firing at Lord Paintball. The two continue to exchange shots at each other but none of the paint hits them. Lord Paintball’s rifle runs out of ammo as he tosses it aside and starts using the two paintball guns he has. Annie looks at the stage from as she notices the backpack laying there. She cautious creeps up to the stage as Lord Paintball and Jeff continue their shootout. Lord Paintball and Jeff both get hit with paintballs on their chest.

“Hah! We win!” Jeff said.

“Nope.” Lord Paintball said.

“What do you mean nope?” Jeff asks.

“This could be my blood.” Lord Paintball said.

“It’s orange!” Jeff states.

“I could be an alien for all you know.” Lord Paintball said.

“Just accept your loss!” Jeff yells at him.

“I will when you hit me with some real paint!” Lord Paintball yells backs.

“Hey!” Annie shouts from behind them.

“What!” Lord Paintballs yells as he turns around. Annie is onstage holding in her arms a paintball bazooka. “Is that my bazooka?” Lord Paintball asks. Annie smiles as she fires. Jeff moves away from Lord Paintball. Lord Paintball gets hit with a huge load of paint as it splatters all over his body. The force of the hit sends him flying to the ground. He lay on the floor as he grunts out, “Okay, you win.”

“Yes!” Annie shouts in excitement as she starts dancing.

The students starts coming out of their hiding place as they cheer in celebration. Annie tosses the bazooka aside as she walks off the stage to Jeff. Jeff looks at her impress by what she has done.

“You have done well!” A voice said behind them.

Annie and Jeff turn around to see Yohan carrying all the paintball weapons that Lord Paintball used and the backpack. He gives each of them a grey t-shirt. Yohan goes to Lord Paintball and help him up.

“Let’s go home, my lord.” Yohan said.

“And this is why I pay you.” Lord Paintball said. The two walk away as they leave the cafeteria.

Jeff and Annie looks at the grey t-shirt that they have. On it are the words, “I beat Lord Paintball”. Jeff takes off his painted shirt and puts on the grey shirt.

“Wait, we’re just going to let them go?” Annie asks.

“I don’t see why not. He was entertaining and this place is going to be cleaned up anyway.” Dean Pelton said he walks to them.

Jeff and Annie shake their heads. “Want to get out of here?” Jeff asks.

“Sure.” Annie said as she smiles. As they leave, Annie asks Jeff. “So were we really going to watch a click flick?” Jeff smirks at the question.

Dean Pelton announces in excitement, “Well, now that’s done! Let’s get started on paintball! The winner gets tickets to Cold Play!” He reaches into his pant pocket to show the tickets to the students. He stops as he quickly announces, “Um, I think I might have lost the tickets. Can you all help me look around for them?”


A limo leaves Greendale Community College. Inside the limo, Lord Paintball wiping the paint off his face with a towel. Yohan is in the driver’s seat as he drives the limo.

“Well that was fun!” Lord Paintball states. “Too bad, I lost though!” He said as he laughs.

“You are always a winner, my lord.” Yohan said.

“But I didn’t win anything. A lord can’t leave empty handed.” Lord Paintball said.

“Well, if it makes you feel better. I did find a pair of tickets to Coldplay while we were there, my lord.” Yohan said.

Lord Paintball smiles. “Let’s talk about that raise of yours!” He said as they drive off.

Another Loop to the Darkest Timeline (2/?)

Title: Another Loop to the Darkest Timeline (2/?)
Summary: Annie’s gun shoots Pierce in the 1st Darkest Timeline. What if that gun shoots someone else? A tale on what happens to Annie and Greendale without Jeff.
Spoilers: All of Community till Season 6.
Disclaimer: I don't own Community and the character of Jenna King is free game.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,178
A/N: The second part of a fic I did a while back. So the story is about what if Annie accidently killed Jeff instead in the darkest timeline and Annie was the one to take the original character Jenna King in instead of Jeff.
Who the character is based on:
Liz Gillies as Jenna King


Annie has finished moving all her stuff into her new apartment. She takes a moment to admire her work. Slowly she starts to remember about Jeff’s dying kiss and the fact that this apartment was previously his. She keeps herself from tearing up as she walks into her kitchen and opens the refrigerator to take out a bottle of scotch. She opens the bottle and takes a long gulp from it. She pulls back as she starts coughing. Her phone in her pant pocket starts ringing, notifying her that she got a text message. She takes another drink from the bottle before taking her phone out. She silences her phone before putting it inside the cabinet under the kitchen sink. She walks back into the living room as she takes another drink.



Jenna King is doing chores around Annie’s apartment for the first time. She wipes the dirt from the face of the cabinet under the kitchen sink with a sponge. She opens the cabinet and sees the old cellphone inside.

“Auntie Annie, you have a cellphone in here.” She cries out.

Annie walks out to where Jenna is from her room as she looks at the cellphone.

“Oh, just get rid of it. The battery probably rotted away.” Annie said.

“Can I keep it?” Jenna asks. “I don’t have a cell and I think I can replace the battery.” She said.

Annie thinks for a moment. She smiles at Jenna. “Okay but you’re responsible for it. You have to get the phone fixed and pay for the service every month.” She said. Jenna takes the cellphone and puts it besides her on the floor.

“Okay, I can work as a student aid to get the money to pay for it. They don’t pay much but at least I have a good enough excuse being at Greendale when I don’t have class.” Jenna said.

“Why do you need an excuse to be there?” Annie asks.

“I don’t know. It feels like people are judging me for being related to Uncle Jeff. I heard he did some things that earned him a reputation.” Jenna said.

“Jenna, you don’t have to listen to what other people say about you. You are your own person and you don’t have to feel like you’re under anyone’s shadow.” Annie said.

“Thanks Auntie Annie.” Jenna said as she smiles at Annie. “Now if only I can stop everyone in my classes from telling me we’re in a relationship and maybe doing these chores won’t be that bad.” Jenna said sarcastically.

“Don’t worry about that. I know everyone think we’re a couple because I’m taking you under my wing and because of some personal stuff that happened back then.” Annie said.

“What happened back then?” Jenna asks. “The personal stuff.” She said.

Annie takes a moment to sit down on the kitchen floor next to Jenna. “Well after your uncle died, I kind of lost contact with everyone there. I need some alone time and I guess they respected that. I was depressed really. I started drinking after what happened. I was feeling alone and worthless as the world kept on moving forward.” Annie said.

“At least you got better.” Jenna said as she leans her head on Annie’s shoulder. “I’m happy that I’m under your protection. Even though you’re only a few years older than me, I don’t think of you like an older sister. You feel like my mother when she was raising me back before I met my dad. She was always independent and hardworking, even though some of the guys she brought home were obviously criminals.” Jenna said. She giggles at Annie’s worried look at her. “Don’t worry, Auntie Annie. I’m just saying you carry the positive traits of my mom.” She said.

“And you carry the traits of a daughter that I wished I had with your uncle.” Annie said. She kiss Jenna’s forehead. “Alright, finish your chores and then we can go to the store to fix that new phone of yours.” Annie said as the two get up.

“Alright, Auntie Annie.” Jenna said as she goes back to work.


Annie is busy grading papers at her desk in her office. She hears a loud noise outside her office. She sighs as she gets up and walks to the doorway of her office. She opens the door as she yells out, “Hey! I’m working here!” In front of her are a bunch of students standing on chairs and various desks. They stand frozen in fear in front of Annie. From what Annie could tell, it looks like they are playing a game of hot lava. Her attention quickly focuses on one of the students standing on a desk. “Jenna, what are you doing?” She asks.

Jenna relaxes as she replies, “Hot lava.”

“Why?” Annie asks.

“Dean Hawthorne posted on Twitter that he was hosting this game of Hot Lava today. He stated in his post that the winner would get some prize money and seeing how we need a bit more money, I decided to play.” Jenna said.

Annie thinks for a minute as she finally said, “All right. You better win and please be careful on those wheeled chairs. I don’t want you fall off one of those.”

“Yes, Auntie Annie.” Jenna said.

“Good, now why don’t you guys take your little game somewhere else?” Annie commands. The students nod in fear as they start moving their chairs and desks away from Annie’s office. Jenna waves goodbye to Annie as she leaves with the students to continue their game of hot lava. Annie sighs. “Well at least it’s better than freeze tag.” Annie said.


Annie finishes grading her papers, when she hears a knock on her office’s door. The voice of Pierce calls out from behind the door, “Annie? Are you in there?”

“Yeah. It’s open.” Annie said.

Pierce enters Annie’s office. “Ah, Annie. I need to talk to you about something.” Pierce said.

“Is this about Jenna and that hot lava game?” Annie asks.

“No but I will say that prize money is coming out of Counselor Pelton’s paycheck. He practically helped her during the entire game.” Pierce said.

“Then what do you want to talk to me about?” Annie asks.

“Well you see, I was thinking that maybe you could come over for dinner at the Hawthorne Mansion tonight. And before you think that this is for a date, I also invited the rest of the group over.” Pierce said.

Annie looks at Pierce in disbelief. “Umm, Pierce I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She said.

“Why not?” Pierce asks. He sits down on the chair set up in front of Annie’s desk. “It will be like old times again, the group back all together.” Pierce said.

“I’m sorry Pierce but I’m not going.” Annie said.

“Alright, I understand.” Pierce said as he gets up. He walks to the door before he turns to face Annie. “Oh, by the way. Jenna agreed to come tonight.” Pierce said as he leaves.

Community: The Next Generation Ch. 11 The Psychology of Twins

Title: The Psychology of Twins
Summary: Brett returns to Greendale much to the annoyance of Jenna and her study group.
Disclaimer: I don't own Community and Dan Harmon can do whatever he wants to Next Generation.
Rating: G
Word Count: 2,152
Spoilers: All of Community up till season 6.
A/N: So decided to do an Eric story this time. Also the Jenna/Chang interaction is from a previous fic I wrote before.
Who the characters are based on:
Elizabeth Gillies as Jenna King
Daniella Bobadilla as Madison Rivera
Ciara Bravo as Ella Rumpskin
Joe Jo (Justkiddingfilms) as Leonardo 'Leo' Monte Lee
Charlie Carver as Eric Peters
Max Carver as Brett Peters

In Study Room F, a small party is going on in celebration of Jenna passing her first math test at Greendale. A banner saying, “Congratulations” is hung up on the whiteboard behind Madison and Leo’s seats. Music plays from speakers that have been setup by the white board. Various students are eating cake and food that has been spread out on the Study Table Mark II. Jenna King is relaxing at her seat around the table. She is wearing a purple t-shirt and jeans. Her hair has changed back to her original brown hair. She smiles at her fellow students as she gives a sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Madison asks. She is wearing a little blue dress with a yellow jacket. She takes her seat around the study table. She has a small plate of food with her.

“I don’t know. I think I’m expecting something that would ruin this party and I’m not talking about Britta.” Jenna said.

Madison lightly laughs at Jenna’s statement. “Oh, come on Jenna. You know that I won’t let anything ruin this party.” Madison replies. Jenna raises one of her eyebrows as she gives Madison a look of doubt.

Ella Rumpskin, Eric Peters and Leo Lee walk to them as they take their seat around the study table. Ella is wearing a red plaid t-shirt and black cargo pants. Leo is wearing a white logo t-shirt and black jacket along with jeans. Eric is wearing a green polo shirt and white pants. Each of them has a small plate of food, which they start eating.

“What’s up with Jenna?” Eric asks noticing her mood.

“Nothing, just waiting for my daily craziness to start up.” Jenna said sarcastically.

“That’s sound reasonable. A party like this is the perfect setting for a creative but not too insane situation that would cause all of us emotional distress.” Ella said.

“Ella, nothing crazy is going to happen.” Madison said.

“Now you just jinxed us.” Leo said. Ben Chang walks up to them at their table. “See!” Leo states as he points out Chang to Madison.

“Yo young folks, you do know that you put all the food for this party on this table right?” Chang states to them. He starts making a plate of food, along with other partygoers as the group tries to move out of the way of the various arms reaching for some food. Chang finishes making his plate as he smiles at Jenna. “King.” Chang said as he goes back to socializing with the other partyers.

Jenna blush as Chang walks away. Madison notices this as her eyes brighten. “Jenna, what’s with that blush?” She asks.

Jenna glares at Madison as the rest of the study group takes interest in this. Ella examines Jenna as she adjusts her pink glasses. “You two dated.” Ella said.

“It was only once and my uncle forced me to do it.” Jenna quickly states to them.

“But that still didn’t explain the blush.” Eric said.

“I think it’s cute.” Madison said. The group all gives her a weird stare. “In a fun way.” Madison said smiling.

“Yeah, sure you do.” A familiar voice said. The group quickly changes their attention to the person that the voice came from. Sitting on one of the two empty chairs between Ella and Leo is Eric’s twin brother Brett. He is wearing a black polo shirt and jeans. He is enjoying a plate of food as the group reacts.

“Brett!” Jenna, Madison and Ella said in unison.

“Bro!” Eric said.

“Evil Eric!” Leo said.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Madison asks as she gets mad by his presence.

“You guys are having a party and I wanted some free food.” Brett replies.

“I mean what the hell are you doing at Greendale?” Madison asks.

“The last time we’ve heard from you, you wanted revenge on us for getting you fired from you weird little job with the Hawthorne estate.” Ella said.

“And you transferred to City College.” Leo said.

“And kicked me out of the apartment.” Eric said.

“Yeah, I’m the bad guy here.” Brett said as he continues eating. “Pass the mustard.” He said to Leo.

“You are because you’re the one that acted all crazy on us.” Jenna said.

“After you conned me, so that Pixie Love Struck can try and be in relationship with me.” Brett counters back as he takes the mustard from Leo.

Jenna groans. “How’s Stink Hands by the way?” she asks.

“I won’t know. We broke up.” Brett said as he squirts mustard onto a hotdog.

“Wait, you broke up with Melissa?” Eric asks.

“No, she dumped me.” Brett said as he starts eating the hotdog.

“Ohhhh.” The group said together.

“So does that mean you’re actually taking Madison’s offer?” Leo asks. Brett chokes on his hotdog. “I’ll take that as a no.” Leo said.

Brett splits out the hotdog remains that he was choking on. “No. I’m here because I transferred back to Greendale.”

“What!” The group shouts at Brett. Some of the partygoers stare at the group in confusion.

Jenna groans. “Party’s over! Out now!” Jenna yells at the partygoers. The partygoers groan in disappointment as they quickly leave the study room. Brett stares in interest as the room empties to just him and the group.

“That seems rude.” Brett said.

“Coming from you, I’m taking that as a compliment. Besides, this needs to be handled in private. Ella, lock the back door.” Jenna said as she gets up and turns off the music and closes the front door of the study room. Ella gets up and locks up the back door. She then returns to her seat. Jenna sits down as she glares at Brett. “Alright then, why the hell are you really back here?” Jenna asks.

“Seriously, you think I like coming back here.” Brett said calmly. “Melissa goes to City College too. So in order to not deal with the break up, I transferred back here.” He said.

“You’re a shallow two bit son of a …” Madison said before she is cut off.
“Madison!” Eric said, stopping Madison. He gives a worry look to his twin brother. “Could we chat in private? Brother to brother?” He asks.

“Yeah, sure.” Brett said coolly.
The two brothers stand up as they start to walk out of the room.

“Umm, Eric. You sure that’s a good idea?” Ella asks.

“Yeah, we’re brothers remember.” Eric said.

“Just be careful.” Ella said.

“Okay.” Eric said as he smiles. Brett studies their little interaction as he and his brother walk out.

“I don’t like this. Usually evil twins don’t like any interaction with their good counterparts.” Ella said.

“Ella, don’t worry about it. Eric can handle himself once in a while.” Jenna said.

“I’m not sure. He told me, that they always argue all the time when they were kids.” Leo said.

“I hate Brett. I don’t know what the hell I saw in him.” Madison said.

“Probably his abs.” Jenna replies.

“Jenna!” Madison said. Jenna giggles at Madison.

“Well, this party got ruined but at least we still got all this food.” Leo said as he goes for seconds.


Eric and Brett walk together side by side at the quad. They come to a stop in front of the Luis Guzman statue.

“So what happened with Melissa?” Eric asks as he turns to face his brother.

“Why do you care about it?” Brett asks.

“Cause you didn’t do the dumping. I’ve seen all the girls you go through and you always dump them first.” Eric said.

“Why does that matter to you?” Brett asks amuse.

“Because I’m your twin and you’re my brother. We might not get along but I at least have to care about you a little bit.” Eric said.

Brett groans at Eric. “Fine, Melissa broke up with me because her hands smelled worst after she got another promotion at the zoo.” Brett said.

“Really?” Eric asks, giving a worry look at his brother.

“No, that’s not what happened. She duped me because she didn’t like my attitude.” Brett said.

“You do know you’re a jerk right?” Eric asks honestly.

“That never bothers me.” Brett said. He starts to walk away.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” Eric asks. He catches up to his brother.

“Leaving. You only wanted to talk to me about what happened with Melissa.” Brett said.

“Yeah, but I have something else to say to you.” Eric said. Brett stops walking. He changes his attention to Eric. Eric takes a deep breath. “If you plan to stay here, I don’t want you anywhere near my study group. You hurt their feelings and that’s not cool. They are good people and they don’t need to deal with you.” Eric said.

“You have no control over what I can and can’t do!” Brett said.

“If you can’t respect that, then you’re going to have to face me.” Eric said.

Brett laughs. “You’re threating me?” He asks calmly.

“Yeah.” Eric said.

They stare each other down, Brett slowly gives a smile. “Okay. I’ll respect that.” He said.
“Wait, what?” Eric ask, shock by his answer.

“I’ll respect it. I only came to that room because of the food. I don’t want anything to do with you guys. Later.” Brett said as he walks away.


Eric returns to Study Room F to find all the food eaten. Leo looks tired as it seems that he was the one to eat most of the food. Jenna notices Eric’s return. “Hey, you’re back.” Jenna said.

“Yeah.” Eric said as he sits at his seat.

“So where’s Brett?” Madison asks.

“He’s not going to be a problem with us anymore.” Eric said proudly. He notices that one of their seats is missing someone. “Where’s Ella?” He asks.


Brett enters the driver seat of his black Jaguar XJ (X300). He rounds down the window of his driver seat. “Why are you truly here?” A voice said from the backseat. Brett is caught off guard as he looks behind him to see Ella sitting in the backseat.

“Get out of my car right now!” Brett commands.

“No! Not until you tell me why you’re really here.” Ella said.

“Like I would tell you anything.” Brett said.

“Really?” Ella asks amuse. “You’re obviously hiding something. From studying your ego, you’re not okay with your brother’s request.” Ella said.

“I’m respecting it as his brother.” Brett said.

“Oh, cut the crap. You’re never respect Eric.” Ella said.

“I don’t but then again I’m not the one that likes him.” Brett counters. Ella’s face shows no emotions. “So much that you wouldn’t mind being more than just his friend.” He said.

Ella doesn’t faze at Brett’s truth bomb, too much. “Yeah, but I don’t think it would happen anytime soon.” Ella said slowly. She didn’t want to get an answer from him anymore. She opens the door of the backseat as she gets out of the car. Brett sighs as he starts the car. Ella walks to the driver’s seat window and kisses Brett on the cheek. Brett is caught off guard again as he looks at Ella in shock. “Don’t take it personal. I may know the physical differences between you two like how Eric’s head and jaw is rounder than yours, that you’re a bit taller than him or that you have a mole on your left ear but I needed to do that so I know the sexual differences between you two. And I must say it taste a lot like I suspect. Like a piece of burnt charcoal. Good day Brett, and screw you.” Ella said.

She walks away as Brett looks on in confusion. “This place is going to be the death of me.” He grumbles as he drives away.


End Tag

Jenna and Madison are walking down the hallways of Greendale Community College. Madison is bugging Jenna about Chang.

“You should ask him out?”


“You should ask him out?”


“You should ask him out?”


“You should ask him out?”


“Ask who out?” A voice said behind them. They turn around to see Shirley Bennett.

“Um, Leo!” Jenna quickly replies.

“Oh, that’s nice.” Shirley said as she walks away.

“So does that mean you have a thing for…” Madison starts to said.

“Oh god, Madison.” Jenna interrupts. “I’m going to get an aneurism, if you keep this up. You know what? I’m not going to date anyone while I’m at Greendale.” Jenna states.

“Oh, good. So does that mean I get first picks with any that comes your way?” Madison asks.

Jenna groans as she realizes what Madison just did. “Uggh, you really need to get a boyfriend.” Jenna said.

“So you want to help me?”


“So you want to help me?”


They continue to walk the hallway as Madison bugs Jenna some more.

Community: The Next Generation Ch. 10 Lesson in Morale and Emotions

Title: Lesson in Morale and Emotions
Summary: Jenna gets help from Ella, while Madison tries to stop Eric and Leo from making a bad decision.
Disclaimer: I don't own Community and Dan Harmon can do whatever he wants to Next Generation.
Rating: G
Word Count: 36,04
Spoilers: All of Community up till the end of season 5.
A/N: Congrats on a sixth season. I wasn't sure if I should continue doing chapters of Next Gen, but I figured if Ella did time travel than I could set it in an AU. The backstory of Ella is explored and Madison gets to be annoying to Eric and Leo.
Who the characters are based on:
Elizabeth Gillies as Jenna King
Daniella Bobadilla as Madison Rivera
Ciara Bravo as Ella Rumpskin
Joe Jo (Justkiddingfilms) as Leonardo 'Leo' Monte Lee
Charlie Carver as Eric Peters

“Are we in agreement not to play with the submarine?” Jenna King asks the group.

She is sitting on her seat around the Study Table Mark II. Her arms are folded as she waits for the response of her study group. Ella Rumpskin, Madison Rivera, Eric Peters and Leo Lee look at Jenna timid.

“Jenna, there’s a decommission submarine right outside of the library. No matter what happens one of us is definitely going to play with it.” Leo said.

The rest of the study group nod in agreement.

“Guys, ever since we became a group all we’ve been doing is causing chaos here. Time travel, food fights, prank wars. All we’re missing is something involving the kitchen sink.” Jenna said.

The PA system turns on as the voice of Dean Pelton announces, “Attention all students, be on the lookout for a band of thieves with a white van. They have stolen all the kitchen sinks from our culinary classes.”

“Oh, come on!” Jenna yells at the PA system.

“This conversation feels weird. Are you on your monthly?” Eric asks.

“I’m not on my monthly!” Jenna said, getting irritated.

“Definitely on your monthly. Got it.” Eric said.

“She’s not. We’ve synched up and …” Madison said before she is cut off.

“Madison!” Jenna yells.

“Sorry.” Madison said.

“We’ve haven’t study for math for two weeks and this week is our first test.” Jenna said.

A crowd of “Ohhh” comes from the study group.

“Wait, why are we ohhhing?” Leo asks.

“Jenna isn’t really for the math test.” Ella said.

“Ohhh.” Leo said.

Jenna shakes her head in annoyance. “So I’ve been partying more often than I should be but I’m not the only one in this situation. Madison has been partying just as much as me.” Jenna said.

“Jenna, I actually take the time after the hangovers to study.” Madison said.

“And the test can’t be that hard. It’ll probably take me five minutes.” Ella said.

“Jeez, remind me again why you’re in our math class?” Jenna asks sarcastically.

“Well, due to the raising tuition of our country’s colleges …” Ella said as she starts explaining about the problem with college tuition.

Leo places two clamed hands by his mouth as he shouts, “Nerd!” to shut Ella up.

Madison sighs as she addresses Jenna. “If you want, I can help you study for the test?” Madison asks.

“Hold it!” Eric said catching everyone by surprise. “Has it become apparent that you two studying together won’t work.” He said.

“How so?” Madison asks.

“What do you two do when we’re not around?” Eric asks.

“Mostly drink, party and talk about all the bad choices of guys that Madison crushes over.” Jenna said.

“Hey! Chris Brown seemed like a good choice at the time.” Madison said.

“Exactly! You want to pass it not punch it.” Eric said.

“So you think that someone else should study with me?” Jenna asks.

“Yup.” Eric said.

The group focuses their attention to Ella. “Hey, unless she’s paying for it than forget it.” Ella said.

“Don’t worry, I got this.” Madison said. She takes out a check book and writes a check. She places the check face down on the Study Table Mark II as she slides the check to Ella.

Ella takes the check and looks at it. She smiles. “All right, grab your things Jenna. We’re going to have to stop at the bank first but after that we are going to study like rabbits at my place.” She said.

“Okay, bad analogy right there and why can’t we stay here?” Jenna asks.

“Have we’ve had a successful study session since we’ve been here?” Ella asks.

“Point taken.” Jenna said as she starts getting her stuff.

Jenna and Ella leave as the rest of the group stay at their seats. The room is silent for a few minutes.

“So, um what should we do today?” Madison asks.

Eric and Leo smile at each other.


Eric and Leo look in admiration at the submarine parked outside of the library. The submarine is a yellow mini submarine that is taking up four parking stalls. Madison is behind them looking at them confused by what to do.

“Look at that beauty.” Leo said.

“I so want to live in it.” Eric said.

“And have a band play in there.” Leo said.

“Beatles references rocks.” Eric said as he high fives Leo.

“Definitely.” Leo said.

Madison crosses her arms as she walks up in front of them. ‘Guys, please don’t tell me you want to play in the submarine.” She said.

“We’re going to play with the submarine.” Leo said.

“Yeah, give us a reason why we shouldn’t play with it.” Eric said.

“Because that submarine is for the submarine maintenance class and the last I’ve checked none of us are in it.” Madison said.

“You check our class schedules?” Eric said.

“I’ve might have gotten some access from someone’s uncle.” Madison said. “Besides, you guys shouldn’t be playing around with every new shiny toy that comes here.” She said.

“So, are you saying we should have another prank war or time travel adventure?” Leo asks.

“No! I want us to not cause any more trouble for the moment.” Madison said. Eric and Leo exchange glances at each other. “We can do other things. Like take a yoga class or grab some yogurt. Oh, I know. We should help the Dean find all those kitchen sinks!” Madison said happily. Eric and Leo groan at her.

“You think we want to look for kitchen appliances now?” Eric asks.

“Yeah, if we wanted to do that we would have gone to BAC appliance center.” Leo said.

“Well I’m not letting you guys play in that submarine.” Madison said.

Eric and Leo exchange glances. They walk around Madison separately as they pair up again as they continue walking to the submarine. Madison looks at them in shock. She quickly runs in front of them and takes out pepper spray from her dress pocket. She sprays the pepper spray at Eric and Leo’s eyes. They scream as they drop down in pain. They start rubbing their eyes.

“Pepper Spray!” Leo screams.

“Why the hell do you even have that?” Eric screams.

“In case a bad date takes a turn for the worst.” Madison said.

“The only time that will happen to you is if you had a date to begin with.” Leo screams.

Madison gasps at that remark. She grabs Leo and Eric by their shoulder and starts to drag them away from the submarine with all her strength. “That’s it. You guys are not allowed to play with that submarine at all!” She said.

Eric and Leo groans as Leo screams, “Why the hell do all the women here spray things at us!”


Ella opens the side door of her gray Honda Accord as Jenna gets out.

“You know, I never knew you drive.” Jenna said as she closes the car door.

“Just because I’m a genius doesn’t make me useless on the road like all those out typical nerds on TV.” Ella said.

“Sorry.” Jenna said. She looks at the house that they have parked in front of. It is a small white house with a grey roof. “This is your place?” Jenna asks.

“It’s my parent’s really. I’m thinking of moving into an apartment soon.” Ella said.

They take off their shoes as they enter the house. Everything inside the house seems normal. The living room and kitchen are connected together. The living room has a screen door leading to the backyard. There is a stairway leading upstairs next to where they are. Ella motions Jenna to follow her upstairs.
“Come on. It’s better if you study in my room.” Ella said. They walk up the stairs as they enter the second floor. Jenna could see a bathroom and two rooms. In the hallway, there is a mini-stool on the side by the entrance of the room on the right. Above the stool is a hanging wire. “The one on the left is my parent’s and the right is the guest room.” Ella said.

“So where’s your room?” Jenna asks.

Ella steps on the stool and pull on the wire. Above her, the ceiling opens up as a ladder falls down in front of Jenna. “Up there.” Ella said smiling as she gets off the stool.

“Of course.” Jenna said sarcastically.

They enter Ella’s room in the attic. The walls are covered with posters of TV series and books. There is a small shelf that is filed with books of science and DVDs of various movies mixed together. On top of the shelf are speakers connected to a blue iPod. A futon bed is set up next to a window. Another shelf containing clothes is lined up next to a small TV. On the top of that shelf are some random things.

“Welcome to my room.” Ella said.

“Cool.” Jenna said impress by it.

Ella pulls the stairs back up as she closes the entrance of her room. “Now, shall we study?” Ella asks.


Madison is in the Dean’s office with Eric and Leo. Madison is talking with Dean Pelton about the missing kitchen sinks. Eric and Leo both still have the effects of the pepper spray on their face.

“So how are we going to get away from Madison?” Eric whispers to Leo.

“Operation: Bye Girl.” Leo whispers.

Eric pauses to think. “We’re going to put her in a hot air balloon?” Eric whispers.

“No. That’s Operation: Air Girl.” Leo whispers.

“Oh. So what’s Operation: Bye Girl again?” Eric whispers.

“Watch.” Leo whispers. He taps on Madison’s shoulder.

“Yeah?” Madison asks as she turns her attention to Leo.

“We need to pee.” Leo said.

“Wait, why do both of you need to pee?” Madison asks.

“Because when someone drinks a lot of water …” Leo said.

“Don’t dodge the question. Why do both of you guys need to pee together?” Madison asks.

Leo gives Eric a wink. “Well cause… Bye!” Leo said before he runs out of the office. Eric quickly runs out also.

“Hey! Come back here!” Madison yells as they run out of her line of sight. She stays there frustrated by what they’ve done.

“Hmm, those guys are strange.” Dean Pelton said behind Madison.

“Don’t worry. I’ve dealt with strange before.” Madison said.

“Really? Where?” Dean Pelton asks.

Madison groans as she shakes her head in frustration.


Jenna and Ella are studying in Ella’s room as the speakers play out “I’m Sprung” by T-Pain. Ella is lying on her futon bed and Jenna is sitting on the ground next to it. Both of them have their math textbooks out. Jenna is easily distracted by the music.

“Ella?” Jenna asks.

“Yeah.” Ella replies.

“Why are we listening to this?” Jenna asks.

Ella groans as she adjusts her pink glasses. “Fine, if you don’t enjoy the beauty of auto-tune then you go pick a song to listen to.” Ella said. She goes back to her textbook.

Jenna stands up as she walks to the shelf with the speakers on top of it. As she goes and starts looking at the playlist on the iPod, her attention changes as she looks at a small case containing a hospital red band behind the speakers. Jenna grabs the case looking at it.

“Ella, were you in a hospital?” Jenna asks.

Ella takes her attention away from her textbook as she sees Jenna with the case. Her expression turns into complete anger. “Put that down now!” Ella demands.

“Sorry.” Jenna said as she puts the case back where it was. She walks back to where Ella, who is still mad at Jenna. Jenna sits back down on the ground. She slowly gives Ella the best pout face she has.

Ella groans. “You want to know about the red band?” Ella asks.

“Yeah, cause that would really explain some things about you.” Jenna said.

“It’s not mind. It’s my grandpa’s. He was allergic to chocolate.” Ella said as she calms down. “He would always say weird things to me. Like, that isn’t a pineapple. A pineapple would be an apple that looks like a pine.” She said in a cranky old accent.

Jenna giggles at this as Ella smiles. Ella gets up as she walks to the shelf where the case is. She takes the case as she walks back to her bed. She sits down as she begins telling Jenna about the red band. “My grandpa was pretty kind to me when I was young. He understood how different I was and understood me more than my parents. It’s strange really. The one person that understood me was the one that everyone in my family thought was crazy.” Ella said.

“So he was the one you time traveled for?” Jenna asks.

Ella sighs. “That is never going away is it?” She asks.

“Nope.” Jenna said as she smiles.

“It wasn’t that big of a deal. My grandfather originally died when he ate a chocolate bar from a vending machine when he wasn’t supposed to at the hospital. So out of grief, I made a time machine out of a broken flash drive at Riverdale High’s college center and went back to prevent his death.” Ella said.

“Hold on. Originally?” Jenna asks. Ella sighs.

“When I time traveled the first time, I went to the hospital that day and bought all the chocolate from that vending machine before my grandpa went to buy some. When my grandpa went to get chocolate from the vending machine and saw that it was out, he started attacking the vending machine. It fell on him.” Ella said. She puts the case down next to her on her bed. “That’s what everyone now knew his death by when I came back to the original time. The flash drive that allowed me to travel broke on the way back and I couldn’t fix it the same way as I built it. It just won’t work. I realized that I created a different timeline, so I gave up high school because I didn’t want to deal with the grief people at school gave me again. My parents didn’t like that I left school and made me take classes at Greendale. I never thought giving up on my future makes them perceive me as a child. They ignore me now after realizing they just sent me to a college bounce house.” She said.

Ella is silent as she takes her textbook and starts studying again. Jenna thinks for a moment as she walks back to the speakers. She takes out the iPod and takes out her own from her pocket. She connects her iPod to the speakers as she picks a song to play. The speakers start playing “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. Jenna walks back and grabs her textbook.

“Ella, you’re not a child. You’re the smartest person I know and you care about the people you love. You make the impossible possible. Even if you don’t want to do it again, you at least got the chance to do something about it.” Jenna said.
Ella removes her focus from the textbook as she examines Jenna’s posture. “Unlike you?” Ella asks emotionlessly.

Jenna’s face deepens into sadness. “Yeah, unlike me.” Jenna replies.

Ella looks at the case with the red band and then back at Jenna. “Jenna.” Ella said, getting Jenna’s attention. “We as humans have scars that nobody else can see but time is the perfect medicine for letting it heal.” Ella said.

“Thanks Ella.” Jenna said.

Ella nods as she goes back to studying. She lay down on her bed as she places the case besides her.


Eric and Leo enter the decommission submarine. The inside of the submarine has various control panels spread out around the walls and a periscope right in front of them.

“So getting away from Madison was easy.” Eric said as Leo checks out the periscope.

“Sure it was.” Madison said behind them. Eric and Leo turn around and scream in surprise. Madison looks at them, annoy by their stupidity. “Seriously, you guys ran around campus just to get away from me when I already know where you guys are going.” She said.

“Well nice deduction, Emma Watson.” Leo said.

Madison groans at them. “I can’t believe this is what we’ve spent our day doing when we could have stop thieves from taking kitchen sinks.” She said.

“Okay, Madison. I don’t think any of us wanted to go after sink thieves. I mean if you think about it, being on a submarine is way more awesome than chasing bad guys.” Eric said.

The expression on Madison’s face slowly turns into anger. She starts stomping in anger with her right foot, repeatedly. Eric and Leo look at Madison strangely. “Has she ever done that before?” Leo asks Eric.

“I don’t know. Usually she bites her lower lip.” Eric said.

“Madison, calm down.” Leo asks politely.

“Calm down! Now you guys are telling me what to do! You guys are so immature! What the hell is wrong with you two! You guys are the oldest out of us and you still act like kids. It gets so damn frustrating to be the only responsible one out of all of us! I mean come on! If I wasn’t the one to focus Jenna to talk to your mom Leo, you wouldn’t have Eric at all as a roommate! Eric! If I didn’t have a crush on your brother, you wouldn’t have met Leo!” Madison yells. She continues ranting.

“Dude, she’s ranting!” Leo said.

“That’s it. I’m calling Jenna.” Eric said as he takes out his cell and dials up Jenna’s number. He only gets Jenna’s voicemail. “Okay. We’re in trouble.” He said to Leo.

“And another thing! What is so awesome about a damn submarine?” Madison yells. She slams one of the control panels with her fist.

A voice in the submarine’s PA system announces to them, “Firing missile.”

Madison quickly calms down as she looks confuse. “Wait, missile?” She asks.


Outside the submarine, a missile fires to the surprise of students walking by. A white van in the parking lot gets hit with the missile. The van explodes as kitchen sinks start raining from the van’s remains. Madison, Leo, and Eric get out of the submarine. They check out the damage that Madison caused as they look at the kitchen sinks lying around.

“Okay, that was pretty awesome.” Madison said.

“Told you!” Eric and Leo said together.

Dean Pelton comes running up to them. He is in complete shock. “Oh my god, did you see that! I thought that submarine was decommissioned! Now who am I going to blame this for?” He yells.

“Oh, my god, our car!” A man’s voice yells behind them.

The Dean, Madison, Eric and Leo turn to see a band of men dress as burglars.

“Wait! You guys were the ones that stole these?” Madison asks pointing to a kitchen sink. The burglars quickly run off. Madison turns around to address Eric and Leo. “Okay. Sorry for pepper spraying and ranting on you guys but you got to play in your damn submarine, now can you go after those guys.” She said.

Dean Pelton is behind Madison as he motions to Eric and Leo to go after the burglars. Eric and Leo groan together. “Apology accepted.” Leo said as the two run off to catch the burglars.


Later that week, in the math class Jenna gets the results of her first test back. She looks at it and sees the C+ on it. She smiles at it as Ella, who is sitting a few desks in front, turns her body around to check on Jenna. Jenna holds out the grade for Ella to see. Ella smiles as she turns back into position as she taps her technical pen on her desk. The row behind Ella, Eric and Leo are annoyed by Madison, sitting behind Eric, whispering to them.

“So the Dean got rid of the submarine and he won’t suspend us because we caught the thieves. Now I was thinking, depending on whether Jenna passed the test, we should have a little party. We would need a lot of vegan food and scotch, yes definitely a lot of scotch …” Madison whispers on as Eric and Leo silently groan.

“We need to take a yoga class or something.” Leo whispers to Eric.

“Agreed.” Eric whispers back as they high five.


End Tag

Jenna wakes up from sleeping at her seat on the study table. She hears the laughter of Eric and Leo coming from behind her. She turns around to see them holding an open bottle of hair dye. She notices her hair has been dyed back to her original dark brown hair.

“Check it out. We dyed your hair.” Leo said as he snickers.

“Okay, why the hell did you do that?” Jenna asks as she feels a strand of her hair. “And why did you dye it in my original hair color?” She asks.

“Original hair color?” Leo asks.

“Wait! You’re not originally blond?” Eric asks in shock.

“Have you met my uncle?” Jenna asks sarcastically as she gets up and leaves.

Eric and Leo look at each other confuse at what happened. “Well that sucks.” Eric said.

“I thought that this would freak Madison out.” Leo said.

“Wait! You’re not originally blond?” Madison shouts as Eric and Leo hears her from the study room.

“Okay. Mission accomplished.” Leo said as they high five each other.

The Rescue Mission

Title: The Rescue Mission
Summary: Ficcay Friday prompt by The group learns that Troy and LeVar Burton have been captured by pirates, and decide to somehow save them.
Disclaimer: I don't own Community and Dan Harmon can do whatever he wants to Next Generation.
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,916
A/N: I kind of change it to be a bit more of Jeff and Annie going out to save Troy instead of the entire group. Also they assemble a different group to help them instead of their usual group. The ending is pretty generic in my opinion. Set Post Season 5.
Who the characters are based on:
Ciara Bravo as Ella Rumpskin

In Jeff and Hickey’s office, Jeff Winger and Buzz Hickey are busy grading papers.

“Remind me again how you convinced me to do this.” Jeff said as he stamps another paper with an A.

“Just remember. We get the whole weekend off if we do this now.” Hickey said.

Annie Edison walks into their office. Her face shows great concern as she holds a newspaper in her hand. Jeff notices this.

“Annie, what’s wrong?” Jeff asks.

Annie gives him the newspaper. He looks at it while Hickey leans in to see.

“Bear mauls kids at birthday party?” Jeff asks as he looks at the paper.

“At the bottom.” Annie said.

Jeff looks down at the bottom of the paper as he read aloud the headline, “Pirates captures Star Trek: The Next Generation star.” Jeff’s eyes widen as he starts reading the article in silence.

“What is this about?” Hickey asks.

“Troy and LeVar were captured by pirates.” Jeff said.

“Wait what!?” Hickey shouts in confusion.

“When Troy left for his journey, he had to be accompanied by someone to make sure he didn’t cheat. LeVar was his co-captain.” Annie said.

“And now they’re captured by pirates.” Jeff said as he tosses the paper on the desk with his papers. “What the hell are we going to tell Abed?” Jeff asks.

“We don’t tell him anything because we’re going to save Troy.” Annie said.

“What!” Jeff shouts.

“Are you serious?” Hickey asks.

“There is no way we can do that.” Jeff said.

“Yes, we can!” Annie said.

“No, we can’t. I’m sure the Coast Guard is looking for them.” Jeff said.

“Jeff! Did you even look at the date of the article?” Annie asks frustrated. “That article was a few months ago!” She said.

Jeff and Hickey’s eyes widen. “So they’re dead?” Jeff asks as his face deepens into sadness.

“That’s the thing. If they were dead, they would be all over the news. I think the pirates still have them.” Annie said.

“So even if they have them, we can’t just go out there and save them.” Jeff said.

“Actually…” Hickey said as he starts smiling.

“Oh, please don’t tell me you want to do this?” Jeff asks sarcastically.

“I have a friend in New Orleans that lets me borrow his yacht after I helped him with a case once. We can use the yacht, beat up some pirates and rescue our friends. All we need is a few more people for a crew.” Hickey said.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Jeff said as he shakes his head in frustration.

“Jeff! He’s our friend! We got to do this.” Annie said.

Jeff looks at Annie for a moment and sighs. “Alright, but we are not getting the others involve. This is extremely dangerous and I don’t want any of them getting hurt.” Jeff said.

“Alright.” Annie said as she smiles at Jeff.

“So what kind of crew should we get?” Jeff asks Hickey.


Jeff, Annie and Hickey are in Group Study Room F. They are sitting around the Study Table Mark II, talking with Ella Rumpskin.

“You’re making a badass crew.” Ella said as she adjusts her pink glasses.

“A what?” Jeff asks.

A-team, Expendables, Secret Avengers. I can go on and on with what you’re doing.” Ella said.

“Look, we need your help and we can’t bring Abed because of how personal this is.” Annie said.

“So are you in?” Hickey asks.

“Well, Troy is an important person to you guys and Abed but while I’m an alternate version of him. I don’t have that emotional attachment to Troy.” Ella said. “So what’s in it for me?” She asks.

“You get to meet LeVar Burton.” Jeff said.

“And get his autograph.” Annie said.

Ella thinks for a moment. “Okay, I’m in.” She said as she shakes Annie’s hand. “And I think I know the perfect people for the rest of your crew.” She said.

“If you say Eric and Leo, you’re sleeping in the crow’s nest.” Jeff said.

“Please, you know these guys very well.” Ella said as she smiles.


“So where’s the yacht at?” Leonard asks.

“Yo, you definitely need me for this yacht party. Pop. Pop.” Magnitude said.

Leonard and Magnitude stand in front of Jeff, Annie, Hickey and Ella. Jeff, Annie and Hickey set their sights on Ella. Ella smiles as she raises her arms motioning to them, what you’re going to do about it.

Jeff sighs as he addresses Leonard’s question. “It’s in New Orleans but we have to get there by tonight.” Jeff said.

“Awesome. We’ll get our stuff.” Leonard said. Leonard and Magnitude leave as Jeff shakes his head.

Annie places her hand on Jeff's back, confronting him. “Just think about the positive side to this. Leonard might meet his end to pirates.” She said smiling.

“This is not what I expect to spend my weekend doing.” Jeff said.


The crew that Jeff and Annie have established is sailing in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico on the yacht. Hickey is on the wheel of the yacht. Magnitude and Leonard are playing shuffleboard. Annie and Ella are getting a tan. Jeff is seating next to Annie wearing blue swim shorts. He is looks for any signs of a pirate ship through a pair of binoculars.

“Anything?” Annie asks. She is wearing a black bikini.

“Nothing so far.” Jeff said. He takes a moment to glance at Annie’s body.

“So that’s what Jenna means by your meaningful looks at each other.” Ella said. She is wearing a blue one piece swimsuit.

“Ella, don’t start doing an Abed.” Annie said.

“Fine.” Ella said. She stands up as she looks at the vast blue ocean. “I think I know how to attract these pirates' attention. Give me a moment.” She said. She walks off to the inside of the yacht.

“Personally, I think we had a better chance bringing Abed along.” Jeff said.

Suddenly loud music starts playing. Leonard, Magnitude, Hickey, Jeff and Annie cover their ears. Ella walks back out wearing earmuffs. In her hand are earmuffs for the rest of them. She starts passing off the earmuffs to them.

“What are you doing?” Jeff yells out loud.

Ella seems to hear him as she responses. “Attracting their attention.” She yells.

“What song is this?” Annie yells.

“That Pirates of the Caribbean song everyone likes.” Ella yells.

Jeff seems to hear her. “Your plan is to attract pirates with pirate music?” Jeff yells.

“If I was a pirate, I would so raid a ship with this music on.” Ella yells.

Annie notices something in the distance. She grabs Jeff’s binoculars. “Guys, I think it worked.” She yells as she looks off in the distance. Out in the distance, a pirate ship is sailing to the yacht.

“Ella, lower the music!” Jeff yells. Ella runs back inside the yacht. The music dies down. Everyone takes off their earmuffs. “Everyone, inside! Just like we planned.” Jeff said. Everyone quickly goes inside the yacht.


The pirate ship finally reaches the yacht. Pirates jump off onto the yacht with their cutlasses out. The pirates look around as one of them sees the door to the inside of the yacht. He motions to the rest to follow him. They creep to the door slowly. One of them kicks the door open. At that moment, shots of paintballs hits him in the face. He scowls in pain as he drops his cutlass. Another round of paintballs hit him as he goes down. Jeff and the crew run out of the yacht with paintball guns out. The pirates surround them. Ella notices their weapons.

“Something’s off.” Ella said.

“Yeah, we aren’t using real guns.” Hickey said.

“No. Not that. It’s 2014 and these pirates are using cutlasses.” Ella said. The pirates grind their teeth as they get ready to attack. “What kind of pirates do you see nowadays use that?” Ella asks.

Jeff thinks for a moment. “The ones you see in movies.” He said.

The pirates shout as they charge at them. “Stop!” A voice from the pirate ship yells out.

The pirates on the yacht stop they’re charge at them. Jeff and his group look up to the pirate ship as a lone figure walks up to the plank. Troy Barnes stands watching them. He is dress as a pirate captain.

“Troy?” Annie asks confuse by his appearance.

Troy looks down at them in surprise. “Jeff? Annie? What are you guys doing here?” Troy asks.


“It’s so good to see you guys again!” Troy said.

Jeff and his crew are on Troy’s pirate ship in his captain quarters. They are seated in front of Troy’s pirate desk. With them is LeVar Burton, who is also dressed as a pirate standing behind Troy.

“It’s good to see you too, Troy.” Jeff said. He looks around. “Umm, what’s going on here?” He asks.

“What?” Troy asks.

“We thought you were captured by pirates.” Annie said.

“Oh, that. Nah it’s cool. Apparently these guys are huge fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Reading Rainbow. We’ve just been cruising and hanging out with them. They even made me their captain.” Troy said. LeVar nods in agreement as he smiles at them.

“So wait, you’re not in grave danger?” Jeff asks.

“Nope.” Troy said.

Jeff groans. “Damn this weekend.” He said.

Troy looks at Jeff’s crew. “Say who’s the girl with the pink glasses?” He asks. “I feel like we met before.” He said.

“I’m Ella. Think of me like a sequel to Abed.” Ella said.

Troy nods as he understands what she means. “Speaking of which, how is Abed?” He asks.

“Still crazy, though he has a girlfriend now.” Leonard said.

“What!?” Troy shouts. A screech can be heard behind Jeff and his crew as a small monkey runs pass them by their seats as it climbs onto Troy’s chair. “Aww, Britta’s Boobs.” Troy said as he pets the monkey.

“Britta’s Boobs?” Annie asks.

“It was either that or Shirley’s.” Troy said. He continues petting the monkey.

“Right.” Jeff said sarcastically.

“So, Troy. I just wanted to ask, when are you going to come back to Greendale?” Annie asks.

Troy’s face turns serious. He let go of Britta’s Boobs as he stands up. “I’m not sure yet. My journey has only begun and I still not sure where I belong. As must as I miss it, I’m sorry but I can’t go back yet.” He said. The room is silent as Troy walks out.

“Say, LeVar. Can I have your autograph?” Ella asks.


It is night as Troy stands at the deck of his ship. Jeff and his crew are back on the yacht getting ready to return to land.

“So we’re just going to leave him?” Ella asks.

“There’s not left to do about it.” Hickey said.

“He isn’t in danger and he asked us to not worry about him. This is his path now.” Annie said.

“He’s grown so much.” Leonard said as he shed a tear.

“Pop. Pop.” Magnitude said in agreement.

Jeff looks on as Troy waves good bye to them. “Good luck, Troy.” He said softly to himself. Their yacht starts sailing away as they wave back to Troy.

Britta’s Boobs climb onto Troy’s back. Troy smiles at the monkey. He keeps his emotions in check as he walks to LeVar Burton on the steering wheel of the ship.

“Where to Captain Troy?” LeVar asks.

Not A Teen Mom Story (1/?)

Title: Not A Teen Mom Story (1/?)
Summary: Annie was a teen mom when she was in high school. What happens when the past meets the present?
Disclaimer: I don't own Community, and Dan Harmon can use all of this.
Spoiler: All of Community at this time.
A/N: A story of what happens when the group finds out Annie was a teen mom. So this came up when I was looking at multiply fic prompts at milady/milord. This has the Next Generation group but it's done in another timeline.
Who the characters are based on:
Elizabeth Gillies as Jenna King
Daniella Bobadilla as Madison Rivera
Ciara Bravo as Ella Rumpskin
Joe Jo (Justkiddingfilms) as Leonardo 'Leo' Monte Lee
Charlie Carver as Eric Peters

The doorbell of Abed and Annie’s apartment rings. Abed walks to the door and open it. He looks and sees nobody in front of him. He closes the door. The doorbell rings again. Abed opens it again and still sees nobody.

“Ahem.” A voice calls below Abed’s line of sight.

Abed looks down to see a little girl about six years old in a blue dress. Her hair is brown and her blue eyes remind him of someone.

“Annie! Did you get turned into a kid?” He asks.

“My name is Anna!” The little girl shouts. “Where’s my mommy?” She asks as she walks into the apartment.

Annie Edison comes out of her room. “Abed, what’s going on?” She asks.

Anna runs up to Annie and hugs her legs. “Mommy!” Anna said happily.

Annie looks at the little girl for a moment before her expression turns into complete horror. “Oh my god.” She mumbles.


“This little girl is Annie’s daughter!” Shirley Bennett shouts.

The living room of Abed and Annie’s apartment is pack with people. Anna is sitting on the couch. She has her right arm strapped with tape and wires connected to Ella Rumpskins’ laptop. Ella is focused entirely on her laptop as she types down data. Britta Perry is helping Annie go through some boxes that are placed in the room. Shirley is pacing in the kitchen, waiting for her brownies to finish cooking. Abed is lost in thought as he examines the situation. Eric Peters and Leo Lee are at the dining table eating butter noodles. Ella is the first to respond.

“Judging from the look of her DNA she is but not from the future.” Ella said as she adjusts her pink glasses.

“Future? Why would I be from the future if I’m here?” Anna asks.

“Timey Wimey things. Nothing for your ears to hear.” Eric said.

Ella looks at the dining table where Eric and Leo are. “Did you guys come here just for noodles?” Ella asks. “We have a major crisis happening right now!” She said.

“Hey, we came when you texted us but I have no clue what to do here.” Leo said.

“Aha! Found it.” Annie said as she pulls out a yearbook from one of the boxes.

Britta, Abed, Ella, Eric, Leo and Shirley huddle up to Annie as she opens the yearbook. Annie swipes the pages until she finds a math club picture of her when she was young. The picture shows a strangely pregnant Annie that doesn’t look like it at all.

“Annie, you look so fat in this picture.” Britta said.

“Excuse me?” Shirley said in her serious voice.

“I mean, this picture doesn’t mean anything.” Britta said.

“Actually this picture is her in multiple sweaters.” Abed said.

“Looks like four sweaters to be exact.” Ella said.

“Just enough to cover your pregnancy, if you put one more you would’ve look obese.” Leo said. Shirley smacks him in the back of the head. “Ouch. What was that for?” He asks.

“So you were a teen mom?” Eric asks.

“No.” Annie said. “When my mom found out she made me give it up for adoption.” She said.

“Annie, that’s horrible.” Britta said. She changes to a more serious tone. “Who’s the father?” She asks.

“You know that story about how I lost my virginity…” Annie said weakly.

“What!” Britta and Shirley shout. The two look at Anna sitting on the couch watching them.

“I can’t believe you made her in a closet.” Shirley whispers to Annie.

“Shirley, this isn’t the time to be judgmental. What we need to do is figure out how to explain it to the worst of us.” Eric said.

“Worst of us?” Britta asks.

“Not you two! Jeff and Jenna!” Ella said.

“Say did you lock the door after we came in?” Leo asks Abed. The door of Abed and Annie’s apartment open as Jeff Winger, Jenna King and Madison Rivera walk in. Madison looks embarrassed as she gives a weak smile to the group. “Well that’s one way to find out.” Leo said.

“I’m sorry, I tired.” Madison said.

The group stands up as Jeff walks to Annie. He looks at her and asks, “Is it true?”

“Yes.” Annie said weakly.

Jenna completely ignores the group as she walks past them to Anna. She squats down to Anna’s height.

“So you’re Auntie Annie’s daughter.” Jenna said.

“I am.” Anna said as she cross her arms. “Why did you call my mom, auntie?” She asks.

“Because I’m the niece of that man that came in with me and he is your mom’s future husband.” Jenna whispers to her.

Anna’s eyes widen as she looks at Jeff and then at her mom. “But he’s so old!” Anna shouts.


After the ensured chaos that happened in the apartment, Jeff is seated at the dining table with Jenna, Madison, Abed, Leo, Eric and Britta. They all have bloody noses which they covered with napkins.

“Did anyone expect that sixth year old to have a mean right hook?” Madison asks.

“I think she got that from her mother.” Britta said.

“As fun as it is to be a part of this situation, this hurts.” Abed said, pointing to his nose.

“Well we can all thank my annoying niece for causing this.” Jeff said sarcastically.

“Yes, Jeff. I tend to make things worst in an already worst situation.” Jenna said sarcastically.

“You kind of do.” Eric said.

“Yup.” Leo said in agreement.

“You want to feel my right hook too, Leo?” Jenna asks.

Annie comes out of her room. She sighs as she walks to the dining table to update them on the situation. “So Anna is eating the brownies that Shirley made and watching PBS shows on Ella’s laptop. Ella and Shirley are standing guard just to make sure she doesn’t do anything else. And you!” Annie said as she presses her hand on Jenna’s left shoulder. “I know you’re a grown woman but I don’t what you to cause any more trouble with my daughter. Understand!” Annie said.

“Yes, Auntie Annie.” Jenna said as she groans.

“Would you like to explain to us how you got her?” Jeff asks.

Annie shrugs as she crossed her arms. “Remember how I had a bad addiction to Adderall that cause me to do crazy things and have a horrible high school experience?” She asks.

“Yeah, Troy mentioned it from time to time.” Abed said.

“Well apparently my horrible high school experience couldn’t be complete without teen pregnancy.” Annie said.

“But why did you kept it hidden from us for all these years?” Britta asks.

“I wanted a fresh start and I didn’t want to be judged for what I did in the past.” Annie said.

“Annie, we wouldn’t do that.” Jeff said.

“Yeah, you’re family.” Jenna said.

“Though this does present a better back story about why your mom disowned you.” Abed said.

“Yeah, if my mom found out she was a grandmother before I turn twenty she would have disowned me too.” Madison said.

“Yeah, she did. Especially when she is the grandmother of twins.” Annie said weakly.

Everyone at the table is in complete shock.

“Wait, twins?” Eric asks.

“There’s another one?” Jeff asks. Annie nods.

“Wait, where the hell is the other one?” Britta asks.

“I don’t know. Anna mumbled about splitting up to search for me…” Annie said before she comes to a horrible realization. “She’s at Dildopolis!”

Jeff quickly stands up. “Eric! Leo! Come with me!” He commands as he heads out of the apartment. Eric and Leo nod as they toss their napkins aside as they run to catch up to him.


Jeff, Eric and Leo are outside of Dildopolis. They hear the cry of a girl coming from an alley way. They run to the alley way where they see another little girl dressed like Anna cornered by a man. Jeff runs up to the man and punches him in the face. Eric and Leo come in to help out by grabbing the man and slam him into a wall.

“If you’ve hurt her, this wall is going to be more comfortable than what we will do to you next.” Eric threatens the man.

Jeff walks to the girl cautiously. The girl is terrified. “Hey there, it’s okay. Your mom, Annie sent us. I’m here to bring you to her.” He said. He presents his hand to her. She looks at him for a minute as she slowly takes his hand. He lifts her and gives her a hug as she starts crying.

Eric and Leo nod as they pull the man from the wall. They lift him and slam him face first to the ground. He is knocked out from the blow.

“It’s okay. It’s okay.” Jeff said to the girl. She starts to calm down. “What’s your name?” He asks.

“Elsa.” She said as she weeps the tears from her eyes.

“Well Elsa, let’s get you home to your mom.” Jeff said.

Community: The Next Generation Ch. 9 Hunting Education

Title: Hunting Education
Summary: A rumor about Annie causes Jenna's inherited jealously to create another crazy insane hijink.
Disclaimer: I don't own Community, and Dan Harmon can use all of this.
Spoiler: All of Community at this time.
A/N: So the idea came from Jeff's line about Annie and Star-burns' shotgun wedding in Romantic Expressionism. This one is mainly from Annie's POV.
Who the characters are based on:
Elizabeth Gillies as Jenna King
Daniella Bobadilla as Madison Rivera
Ciara Bravo as Ella Rumpskin
Joe Jo (Justkiddingfilms) as Leonardo 'Leo' Monte Lee
Charlie Carver as Eric Peters

“Guys! This is not what I wanted!” Annie Edison screams at them.

In Study Room F, Abed Nadir, Britta Perry and Shirley Bennett are sitting with Annie around the Study Table Mark II. The group is in complete shock and surprise.

“Excuse me, but you wanted a shotgun wedding with Star-burns?” Britta asks, sarcastically. “He told the whole school about it!” Britta yells.

“I can’t believe this!” Shirley said as she rocks her body on her chair. “How the hell did this happen?” She asks.

“He just came up to me all of a sudden and started ranting. And he wouldn’t stop ranting, I think he was high. I wasn’t paying attention to him when he asked. Now people are coming up to me asking why the hell are you marrying Star-burns? It’s all just a misunderstanding.” Annie explains to the group.

“This seems like one of those hijinks that I would commit myself to but I’ve been feeling depress lately.” Abed said.

“Awww.” Annie and Shirley said.

“Guys, we have to focus! We have to stop Star-burns from marrying Annie!” Britta said.

“What! That rumor is true!” A voice said from outside the room.

The group turns their attention as they see Jenna King with Madison Rivera, Ella Rumpskin, Eric Peters and Leo Lee. Jenna is shock by this. She takes a moment before finally saying, “Don’t worry, Auntie Annie. We’ll handle this. Let’s kill Star-burns.” She said to her study group as they leave.

“Should we be worry about that?” Shirley asks.


Annie runs into the cafeteria as she goes to Jenna. She grabs Jenna’s arm and turns her around as they face each other.

“Jenna. What the hell are you doing? Don’t kill Star-burns!” Annie yells at her.

Jenna shakes her head. “No way! Star-burns need to die!” Jenna said.

“Again!” Ella shouts from across the cafeteria as a bunch of students help her push a Hummer into the cafeteria.

Annie looks around the cafeteria as she soon see students holding torches, garden tools and signs saying “Kill Star-burns!” “Jenna, what is this?” Annie asks, coldly.

“A Kill Star-burns hunting party.” Jenna said.

“Why is there a Kill Star-burns hunting party? And how come this is so organized?” Annie asks as she notices Garrett holding the leashes of a pack of bloodhounds.

“Because Star-burns has been a nuisance to us for too long!” Dean Pelton said as he walks up to Annie and Jenna. He is dress as the Predator. “I knew I should have kicked him out after that roofie incident in 2010 on Halloween. It finally hit me that there was only one person in this school that would do that.” Dean Pelton said.

“And because the Dean approve of this.” Jenna said smiling. “We’re going to hunt down Star-burns and make him pay, as soon as Eric and Madison come back with the rest of Madison’s gardening tools.” Jenna said.

“Yup, and we’re going to have a bonfire afterwards to celebrate.” Dean Pelton said as he puts his hand on Jenna’s chest.

“Put that hand there again, and I’m getting a restraining order.” Jenna said to Dean Pelton. He pulls his hand away.

“Jenna. You’re being unreasonable. It was just a misunderstanding. You don’t have to reenact a Frankenstein mob.” Annie said.

“Nope, not changing my mind.” Jenna said firmly.

Annie groans at Jenna. “You are such a stubborn person, just like your uncle.” She said.

“Hey. You think I’m mad. How do you think he feels?” Jenna asks.

Annie comes to a realization. “Oh my god. Jeff!” Annie said in horror. She runs out of the cafeteria.

Ella walks up to Jenna and Dean Pelton. “I need 20 bucks.” Ella said to Jenna.

“Why the hell do you need 20 bucks?” Jenna asks.

“For cat nip.” Ella said.

“No, I am not giving you money for cat nip.” Jenna said.

“Fine but if Star-burns escape us because of his cat car, I’m going to say I told you so.” Ella said.

Leo walks up to them. “Okay, I got the Star-burns hunting whistles ready.” Leo said holding one in his hand.

“That’s a joint.” Ella said bluntly.

“I know. He won’t be able to resist this.” Leo said as he takes a puff.


Annie search throughout the campus. She finally finds Jeff in his office. Inside, Buzz Hickey has tied Star-burns up to a desk with rope. Star-burns is eating chips at the desk while Jeff and Hickey watch Annie enter the office. Jeff does not look mad at all. Star-burns waves at Annie

“Jeff! What have you done with Star-burns?” Annie asks, frantic by the scene.

“My name is Alex!” Star-burns said.

“It wasn’t him that did this. It was me.” Hickey said as he stands up. “We found him in our office completely high and tripping.” He said.

“So we’ve tied him up here till he cooled down.” Jeff said.

“Wow Jeff, you thing I’m that naïve to think that this whole little scenario is actually what it is.” Annie said. “You know very well that Star-burns started that whole I’m marrying him rumor.” She said.

Jeff is caught off guard by this information. He looks at Annie and then at Star-burns. “Is this true?” He asks Star-burns.

“Hey, I took a stash of Britta’s weed. I don’t remember anything after that.” Star-burns said.

“The entire school organized a hunting party for you. They’re after your head.” Annie said.

“Is that why I’m smelling weed nearby?” Star-burns said as he sniffs the air.

“Hickey, take Star-burns and hide. I need to talk to Annie.” Jeff said.

Hickey nods as he unties the rope connecting Star-burns to the desk. He takes Star-burns out of the office. Jeff and Annie are alone as they watch each other.

“Annie, I can’t believe you thought I would hurt Star-burns. Wait, I would but not because of some stupid rumor.” Jeff said.

“Sorry, it’s just that I know how you get with things like this.” Annie said.

“Don’t worry. I leave that up to my niece now.” Jeff said. He groans. “What happen to us? We had so much hope for the future and now I’m stuck teaching and remembering to have quality time with Jenna. And you’re still here at Greendale, when you should be out in the world being awesome.” He said, sadly.

Annie gives Jeff a stern look. “I like being in Greendale, thank you very much.” She said. She relaxes her tension. “I don’t know. We keep Changing all the time and ended up like mess-up cartoon characters from Mad TV.” Annie said.

Jeff smiles at Annie’s response. “Yeah, we’ve have end like that in a way. That or we’ve enter the Twilight Zone.” He said. They share a laugh as they exchange glances to each other. “So, do you want me to stop this Kill Star-burns party? Or wait a bit longer?” He asks.

At that moment, Britta comes into the office. In her mouth is a joint. “Oh my god, you guys. This Kill Star-burns party is awesome. Everyone is getting free joints.” Britta said, smiling.

“Are you high right now?” Annie asks.

“Duh doy! Man, we should have Kill Star-burns parties all the time.” Britta said. She happily walks out of the office.

Jeff and Annie look confuse for a moment before they look at each other. “Well I guess that solved itself.” Jeff said.

“Not quite. I think I need to talk to Jenna.” Annie said.

“How come?” Jeff asks.

“She’s the one that organized this whole thing.” Annie said. She sits down on the desk Star-burns was tied up to. “All because she’s overly protective about me, did you know she started to call me Auntie Annie?” Annie asks.

Jeff is silent for a moment. “No. I didn’t but maybe she’s starting to open up about her feelings now.” He said. He gives a half-smile to Annie. “Besides you would make a great aunt.” Jeff said.

Annie smiles as they enjoy their little space of freedom. They stand up and leave the office to find most of the students high. Britta, Star-burns, Leo and Dean Pelton are sharing a joint together. Shirley is dealing with the massive group of students that are suffering from the munchies at her sandwich shop in the cafeteria. She has help from Madison, Eric and Ella as they are busy helping her out with making sandwiches. Jenna is sitting alone at a table as she looks at the mess she has caused. Jeff nods to Annie as Annie walks to the table and take a seat.

“Hey.” Annie said.

“Hey.” Jenna said.

“So I guess you’re Kill Star-burns party didn’t turn out like you expected.” Annie said.

Jenna shrugs. “You don’t have to rub it in.” She said.

“I’m sorry.” Annie said.

Jenna groans. “Man, am I dumb or something? I let my feelings affect my judgment.” She said.

“I don’t think you’re dumb. You just have a big heart.” Annie said.

“Then why do I always get upset whenever it involves your love life?” Jenna asks. “I shouldn’t be but I am.” She said.

“I don’t know the answer to that.” Annie said. Annie places her hand on Jenna’s shoulder. “Hey, don’t be sad. You are a wonderful person and I am proud of you.” Annie said, smiling.

Jenna smiles. “Thanks Auntie Annie.” She said.

“No problem, dear.” Annie said as the two hug. Annie lets go as she gets up and walk to Jeff. He is leaning besides one of the wall, texting.

“So another Next Generation mess wraps up.” Jeff said, smiling.

“Well you going to admit, some of their messes have been pretty entertaining.” Annie said, smiling. She leans next to Jeff.

A students walks pass them, smoking a joint. Jeff and Annie look around them as they come to a conclusion.

“Should we get out of here? This place is starting to look like that scene from the Breakfast Club.” Jeff said.

“Yeah, let’s.” Annie said in agreement.

They leave the cafeteria as Dean Pelton walks by screaming, “Aliens!!!!!!”


End Tag

Hickey and Star-burns are in an empty hallway downstairs underneath Greendale.

“Where are you taking me?” Starburns asks.

“Some place to hide.” Hickey said.

They come to a door. Hickey takes out a key and opens the door. Inside is a bunker. There is a bed, table, chairs and a supplies closet. Star-burns notices on one of the wall of the bunker, a bulletin board with headshots of each member of the Study Group, Next Gen’s Study Group along with the headshots of the faculty staff from the Save Greendale Committee. Star-burns notices on Pierce’s headshot the word “Deceased” on it, Troy’s has “Missing”, Brett Peters has “Traitor”, and Chang’s has “Crazy” on his. Hickey smiles at Star-burns as he presents his bunker to him.

“It’s not much but it’s getting there.” Hickey said.

Another Loop to the Darkest Timeline (1/?)

Title: Another Loop to the Darkest Timeline (1/?)
Summary:Annie’s gun shoots Pierce in the 1st Darkest Timeline. What if that gun shoots someone else?
Spoilers: References of Remedial Chaos Theory, Repilot, and Introduction to Teaching.
Disclaimer: I don't own Community and the character of Jenna King is free game.
Rating: PG-13 for Character death.
Word Count: 2,385
A/N: So still waiting on word of another season. I was rewatching Remedial Chaos Theory when I notice that the purse holding Annie's gun was aimed at Pierce so I decided to do a what if fic. I'll see how this goes.
Liz Gillies as Jenna King

The sound of Roxanne by the Police fills Abed and Troy’s apartment. Troy is downstairs getting the pizza, Abed is walking Britta to the bathroom, and Shirley is checking on her pies. Pierce asks Jeff about his father. Jeff avoids the question as he gets up from the table. Jeff hits his head on the ceiling fan. Annie offers to take a look at his injury. As the two walk, Annie trips on a rolling boulder from Abed’s Indiana Jones diorama. As Annie falls on the coffee table, the bottle of Serbian Rum shatters on the ground. Pierce stands up from the table to offer his assistance. Pierce accidently kicks his housewarming gift containing the Norwegian Troll Doll as he gets up. Annie’s purse containing her gun lands on the ground. Stop for a moment. Take a look at the angle of this purse. It is facing Pierce as he walks to check on Annie. Now go back a few seconds as the angle of the purse changes. The purse lands on the ground as the gun inside fires.

The sound of the bullet piercing Jeff’s chest catches everyone by surprise. Annie looks up in shock at Jeff. His chest starts bleeding out blood.

“What the hell?” Jeff mumbles as he falls to the ground.

Shirley comes out of the kitchen with a tray of pies. She drops the tray as she looks at the now dying Jeff. “Oh lord!” Shirley screams.

Annie rush to Jeff as she starts trying to stop the bleeding.

“Call 911!” Annie yells at Pierce. Pierce gets out his phone as he starts dialing the number.

Abed and Britta come back into the living room. In Britta’s mouth is a joint. Britta is shock by the scene unfolding. Her mouth drops as the joint lands on Serbian Rum. The rum ignites as a fire spread onto the floor. Abed notices the fire as he starts stomping on it. Pierce runs up to help him. Britta screams for water as she goes into the kitchen to get some.

Jeff stares at Annie in a dazes from the loss of blood. “Annie.” He whispers.

“Don’t talk. You’re going to be okay, alright.” Annie said as she tries to stop the bleeding.

“No, listen. I’m not going to make it. I just want you to know. I love you.” Jeff said. Annie stops for a moment as she looks at Jeff. With the last of his strength, Jeff leans forward to Annie and kisses her. He lets go of their kiss as he dies. Troy enters the apartment with the pizza as he is caught by surprise of the chaos in the apartment. Annie screams as Troy notices the burning Norwegian Troll Doll.


In Study Room F, the reminding members sit at their seats around the study table. All are dress in black, as they look at the now vacant seat of Jeff Winger.

“When I think back about this scenario, I thought Pierce would get shot.” Abed said. He has started to grow a beard. “Now I can see that even I don’t know everything.” He said.

“That’s a nice thing to say to the guy you’re living with. Dick.” Pierce said.

“Hey! Don’t talk to Abed like that, Pierce.” Troy said.

“Don’t even start it, Troy! What kind of person attempts to eat a Troll Doll?” Shirley yells as she takes another drink from her bottle of beer.

“Obviously, you don’t know how to fight Trolls!” Troy yells back.

“Don’t worry Troy. If Pierce and I haven’t stopped you, you would have burn your larynx. In which that timeline you would have a voice box.” Abed said.

“Do I sound like Darth Vader?” Troy asks.

“Can we stop with this timeline crap?” Britta asks. Her hair is completely dyed blue. “This isn’t going to help with us moving on.” She said.

“You want to start talking about moving on?” Annie asks from her seat. She doesn’t look at Britta at all. Her focus is entirely on Jeff’s vacant seat. “Jeff loved me and I killed him.” Annie said.

“Annie, don’t blame yourself for what happen.” Britta said.

“I had a gun in my purse and it shot Jeff.” Annie said. She is still looking at Jeff’s seat. “He’s dead because of me.” She said.

“Annie, it’s not your fault. Like Abed said, that gun could have shot me.” Pierce said.

“Now you agree with him?” Troy yells at Pierce.

“Does Troy, Abed and Pierce in the morning have a good ring to it?” Pierce asks.

“This is the darkest timeline.” Abed said.

“Can I kill you in this timeline, Soothsayer?” Shirley asks.

“Shirley!” Britta shouts.

An argument starts as Annie ignores them. She gets up as she walks away from the group.


“This apartment is fabulous.” The real estate agent said. He shows Annie around Jeff’s apartment. “Extremely cheap now. The previous resident recently died. Something about getting shot at a house warming party.” He said.

Annie looks around the apartment. “I’ll take it.” Annie said.


3 years later

There is a knock at the door of Annie’s apartment. Annie is dressed for her job at Futuraza as she opens the door. In front of her is a blonde woman about 21 years old. She is wearing a black tank top and jeans. She is carrying a duffle bag.

“Hi, can I help you?” Annie asks.

“Yeah, does Jeff Winger live here?” The woman asks.

“I’m sorry. He’s dead.” Annie said sadly.

“Oh.” The woman said. She starts walking away.

“Why did you ask?” Annie asks out to her.

The woman turns around. “It’s nothing really. I’m his niece.”

“His niece!” Annie said in shock.

“Yeah, the name’s Jenna.” Jenna said.

“I didn’t know he had a niece.” Annie said.

Jenna looks puzzled by Annie. “You knew my uncle?” Jenna asks.

“Come in.” Annie said as she gestures Jenna to come inside the apartment. “I think we have a lot to talk about.” She said.

The women chat for hours as they get to know each other and their back stories. Jenna reveals to Annie about her recent loss of parents and that Jeff had a half-brother, Willy Jr. that still lives with Jeff’s father, William. Jenna been living there a few months before she overheard William yelling at Willy about how he wished he was more like his other son, Jeff. She decided it was time to leave the place and live with Jeff instead. Annie frowns when she hears that no one in Jeff’s family knows about his death.

“So how did my uncle died?” Jenna asks.

Annie’s face turns serious for a moment. “He got shot. He spent his final moments with me.” She said. She remains quiet for a while as Jenna watches her.

“So you’re basically my uncle’s wife.” Jenna said.

“What?” Annie asks in shock.

“Don’t be surprise. Obviously, you love him and he loved you if you’re still living here. And being from a family that has a tradition in failed marriages, I can understand why my uncle didn’t want to commit in being married.” Jenna said. Annie frowns at the statement. “Sorry, it’s a curse really.” Jenna said.

“No, it’s okay.” Annie said. Annie sighs as she looks at Jenna. “So you said something about finishing your education?” Annie asks.

“Yeah, I was thinking about going to one of the community colleges here. Fulfill my parent’s dying wish.” Jenna said.

“Hmm, I think I know a place.” Annie said.


Annie and Jenna walks into the Dean’s office.

“Dean?” Annie asks.

Sitting behind the Dean’s desk is Pierce Hawthorne. He is in complete awe by Annie.

“Pierce?” Annie asks.

“Annie! You came back!” Pierce said as he gets up and shakes her hand in excitement.

“You’re the Dean now?” Annie asks.

“Yeah. After you left, Chang took over the school. The school banded together and stopped his reign of terror. I ended up being the Dean as a result of it.” Pierce said.

“Okay.” Annie said puzzled. Pierce notices Jenna.

“Who is this?” Pierce asks.

“I’m Jenna. I’m Jeff’s niece.” Jenna said as she introduces herself to Pierce.

“Oh.” Pierce said in surprise. “Your gay lover.” He said.

“Pierce!” Annie said.

“What? I can understand after what happened with Jeff… Oh.” Pierce said as he notices the look in Annie’s face. “So what brings you back here?” He quickly asks.

“I want Jenna to be a student at Greendale.” Annie said.

“Done.” Pierce said as he sits down at his chair.

Jenna squeals in excitement. “Thanks, Auntie Annie. I’m going to look around the campus. I’ll meet you back at the car.” She said as she leaves.

“Auntie Annie?” Pierce asks.

“Yeah, she calls me that.” Annie said. She takes a seat in front of Pierce’s desk.

“So how long have the two of you been together?” Pierce asks.

“Just today and I’m not gay.” Annie replies.

“I had to ask.” Pierce said. “I don’t know what went into your head after the incident. I kept thinking that Jeff transferred his gayness to you when you left us that day.” He said.

“I left because I was traumatized by what happened and you all acted like the whole thing didn’t matter.” Annie said.

“It mattered. Look at where I’m at now. Strangely enough, Abed and Troy helped me deal with my father issues. Troy is an air condition repairman. I see him at the mansion whenever the air conditioner goes out. Abed met this gal name Rachel. The two of them are engaged. Shirley remarried her husband and I think they’re making more babies. And Britta, you’re not going to believe this but she has this boyfriend name Blade.” Pierce said as he laughs.

“So you guys moved on?” Annie asks.

“Yeah, just like you.” Pierce said. There is a moment of silence. “So what happened to you?” He asks.

“I moved into Jeff’s apartment.” Annie said.

“Whoa.” Pierce said in surprise.

“That’s how I met Jenna. She thought he was still here.” Annie said. There is another moment of silence. Annie stands up. “Well, I think I should go.” She said.

As Annie starts to leave, Pierce calls out to her. “Do you want a job here?” He asks.

Annie turns around in surprise. “What?” she asks.

“A job. I kind of figured the only reason you’re here is to get Jeff’s niece here, but I do need some more teachers and seeing as how you were the brightest out of all of us. I just hope that maybe you could come back.” Pierce said.

Annie looks at him for a moment as she sighs. “All right.” She said.


Annie looks at the name of the class that she has written on the chalkboard. Obviously this is Pierce failing to make a joke on her. She groans as she turns around to face her class of college students.

“Hello, class. I’m your teacher, Annie Edison and this is Fundamentals of Law.” Annie said. “Any questions?” She asks.

A shot of hands from the students comes up in the air.

“You there.” Annie said, pointing to a guy with red hair. “I’m not going to ask for names.” She said.

“Will there be a syllabus?” He asks.

“Syllabus will be posted on the class website which you should all be able to log onto. Moving on.” Annie said. She points to a guy with a ski cap. “Yes.”

“How are we going to be graded?” The guy in the ski cap asks.

“50 percent finals and exams, 40 percent on all assignments and 10 percent in class participation.” Annie replies.

“How come you’re teaching law?”

Sitting at the back row, is Jenna King with her hand raised.

“Because your Dean thinks it makes sense for me to teach this class.” Annie said.

“But you’re more experienced in healthcare management.” Jenna said.

“You know. I’m not going to get into a discussion with anything not related to law so please go see the counselor’s office.” Annie said.

“What?” Jenna reacts in surprise.

“Not a word missy, counselor’s office now.” Annie shouts. Jenna sighs as she gets her stuff and leaves. “Now, I want everyone to know that this class is not going to tolerate any stupid questions, dumb pranks or any random shenanigans or hijinks. You can act like your goofy selves outside of this class but this classroom is strictly for learning. Understand.” Annie said.

The class nods their head in fear.


“Did you really have to use me as a guinea pig to get your point across?” Jenna asks.

Annie and Jenna are eating lunch together in the cafeteria. They are both eating fruit salads.

“It was the only way, really. I don’t know what happened here after I left. I’m sharing an office with this guy that spends his time drawing ducks.” Annie said.

“At least it’s better than what happened to me. I got this bald counselor that reacted weirdly when he touched my shoulder.” Jenna said as she takes a bite of her fruit salad. “Should I worry about that?” She asks.

“Is this counselor’s name Pelton by any chance?” Annie asks.

“Yeah.” Jenna replies.

“Definitely worry about that.” Annie said.

“Oh god.” Jenna said as she cringes.

Annie smiles at Jenna. “Finish your food. I want to show you something.” Annie said.


They enter Study Room F. Everything is still the same except for the study table. The old study table has been replaced with a new one.

“This is where you and my uncle first met?” Jenna asks.

“Yeah.” Annie said.

Jenna looks at the marking of the new study table as she sits down at Jeff’s old spot. “Hey, Auntie Annie! You might want to look at this.” She said.

Annie stands behind Jenna as she looks at what Jenna is referring to. In front of side of Jeff’s seat of the table there is a small plate.

On the plate reads, “In honor of Jeff Winger. A man that went beyond the limits to not care about anything but the friends around him, especially his Milady. –Pierce Hawthorne” Annie starts tearing up as she places her hand on Jenna’s shoulder. Jenna smiles at her as Annie nods.

Community: The Next Generation Ch. 8 Interpretive Human Dating

Title: Interpretive Human Dating
Summary: Jenna has to deal with Madison and Ella when they both go after the same guy.
Disclaimer: I don't own Community, and Dan Harmon can use all of this.
Spoiler: All of Community at this time.
A/N: Just another day at Greendale.
Who the characters are based on:
Elizabeth Gillies as Jenna King
Daniella Bobadilla as Madison Rivera
Ciara Bravo as Ella Rumpskin
Joe Jo (Justkiddingfilms) as Leonardo 'Leo' Monte Lee
Charlie Carver as Eric Peters

In Greendale Community College’s cafeteria, Madison Rivera and Ella Rumpskin are sitting together at a table. Madison is wearing a purple mini dress. Ella is wearing a The Vamps t-shirt and jeans along with her pink glasses. They are completely distracted by a guy sitting at a table by himself. He has a light brown tan and a mini goatee. He is wearing glasses and has short curly black hair. His clothes are a red sweat shirt and navy blue jeans. In his right hand is an exotic cook book and in the other hand is a barbell. He is working out his left arm while reading.

Eric Peters notices Ella and Madison as he sits down at their table besides them. He is wearing a white t-shirt and a light dirt green jacket along with his jeans. He is carrying in his hands a lunch tray containing an apple, a plate of lasagna and a soda. He looks at them for a moment and then turns his head to the table containing the guy they are both checking out.

“Girls, what are you doing?” Eric asks the two.

Madison and Ella take no interest in Eric’s question as they continue staring.

“Those muscles.” Madison said.

“That cook book.” Ella said.

“I wouldn’t mind touching that.” Madison said.

“I would so love to eat that exotic cooking.” Ella said.

Eric looks at the two confuse by their remarks. “Okay, then.” Eric said as he shrugs it off. He takes a bite out of his apple as he starts eating.


In Study Room F, Jenna King and Leo Lee are at their seats around the Study Table Mark II. Jenna is wearing a black tank top and jeans. Leo is wearing a blue sweater and black pants. They are in a deep discussion together.

“I’m serious. Otto Octavius was the best Spiderman.” Jenna said.

“Two words. Miles Morales. Best Spiderman ever.” Leo said.

Their conversation ends as Madison, Ella and Eric walks into the Study Room. Ella and Madison are humming happily together while Eric is drinking a soda. They sit down in their respective seats. Jenna stares at Ella and Madison as they continue humming.

“What’s with the humming?” Jenna asks.

“They’re fantasizing about their future boyfriend.” Eric said.

“Wait, what?” Jenna asks in surprise.

“Donald Morgan.” Madison said.

“Majoring in culinary.” Ella said.

“And a six pack.” Madison said.

“Wait. Is that the guy with the curly hair?” Leo asks. Madison and Ella looks at him in disgust for not knowing Donald. “What? I’ll follow him on Twitter.” He said.

“Hold on. I understand why she wants him.” Jenna said pointing to Madison. “But why the hell do you want him?” Jenna asks Ella.

“Obviously, you never had the thought to be in a relationship with a chef.” Ella said.

“So stomach beats brain. Good to know.” Jenna said. “Also this doesn’t make sense. Aren’t you trying to be in a relationship with-” Jenna is cut off by Leo.

“Let’s just talk about this one before we talk about any others.” Leo said.

Eric continues drinking his soda. “You two do know that you’re following a classic trope of the fighting over some guy thing, right?” Eric asks Madison and Ella.

“I don’t care if this is some stupid plot device.” Madison said.

“Yeah and quit explaining things that I’m supposed to explain, Marty Sam.” Ella replies back.

“Then stop roleplaying the slut, Marty Sue.” Eric said. Ella gasps at Eric’s remark.

“Enough.” Jenna said. “Madison. Ella. Only one of you can date curly so how are you planning to do this without it turning into that episode of iCarly.” Jenna said.

“Well, I was thinking that the two of us can go on a date together and see which one he likes the most.” Madison said.

“No.” Ella said firmly. “I’ve watched the Bachelor. I know how those situations play out and unless my chest grows bigger, he’s not going to pick me.” She said.

“Wait, are you saying I’m just going to throw my body on him to get him to date me?” Madison asks offended by Ella’s remark.

“Please, every remark you made about the guy is about his body.” Ella said.

“Well excuse me if I don’t have a taste for exotic food.” Madison counters.

“Is this going to turn into a cat fight?” Eric asks as he finishes his soda.

“It already is.” Leo said.

“Please, like your kind cares-” Ella starts saying before Madison cuts her off.

“Your kind! I’ve been known to be racist but I do it by accident. From you, I know it’s attentional.” Madison said, angry. She stands up. “It’s on like Diddy Kong!” Madison shouts.

“It’s Donkey Kong, idiot.” Ella counters back. She stands up, angry.

“You don’t get the Donkey Kong.” Madison shouts.

Jenna shakes her head, annoy by them. She takes out from her bag a min fire extinguisher. She sprays Madison and Ella with the fire extinguisher. The two women start coughing as they recover from the assault. Jenna tosses the mini fire extinguisher aside.

“I’ve been waiting three weeks to use that on you guys.” Jenna said.

“Thanks for not getting any on us.” Eric said, coughing. He and Leo also got hit by the spray as they recover from the assault.

“Alright, this is how it’s going to go down. You two are both going to go on a date with him, separately. Whoever he likes goes on a second date with him. Got it.” Jenna said.

Madison and Ella stare daggers at each other as they nod.

“So, who gets to date him first?” Ella asks Jenna. Madison nods in approval.

Jenna smiles at them. “First one to ask him out in person gets to go on the first date.” Jenna said.

Madison and Ella stare at each other as they run off in opposite directions. Madison runs off from the front entrance of the Study Room while Ella runs off from the back entrance. Eric and Leo stare at Jenna as she takes out her cellphone and starts texting.

“You’re pretty evil.” Leo said.

“Yup, just like Octavius.” Jenna said smiling. “Don’t worry, I’m about to show you why they called him the Superior Spiderman.” Jenna said.

"Um, you guys do know that Peter Parker was the best..." Eric starts to say.

"NOOOOO!" Jenna and Leo shout out loud.


Madison and Ella both make it side by side inside the cafeteria as they see Donald still sitting at his table. They eye each other. Madison pushes Ella aside as she starts running into the crowd of students walking with their lunch trays. Ella gets back up. She gets onto a table as she starts hopping onto the tables set up in the cafeteria. Madison gets stuck between some students while Ella gets closer to Donald.
Madison sees an apple on one of the trays that the students have. She grabs it and throws it at Ella. The apple hit Ella’s right shoulder. Ella stops at the table she is on as she turns to face Madison. Ella grabs two plates that are sitting on the table she is on. Looking at Madison, Ella throws the two plates at a crowd of students sitting at a table.

“Food Fight!” Ella shouts.

The students in the cafeteria start throwing food at each other. Ella quickly ducks down underneath the table she is on as she dodges a plate of food. Madison quickly ducks as she starts hiding underneath the nearest table to her. They look at the table that Donald was sitting at and see that he has hid underneath his table as well. Ella and Madison slowly start their crawl to Donald. Food is flying everywhere in the cafeteria. Ella and Madison both have food draping on their clothes. They finally reach Donald’s table at the exact same time. Ella looks at Madison as she shrugs.

“Fine, we’ll both do it at the same time.” Ella said.

“Would you like to go on a date with me?” They ask together.

Donald looks at them confuse by their request. “That’s nice and all but I’m not into girls.” He said. The faces of Ella and Madison turn white.

“Wait, what?” Ella and Madison shout together.


Madison and Ella walk back into Study Room F. Their clothes are a mess from the food fight. They’re eyes are filled with flames as they look at Jenna sitting at her seating, smiling. Eric and Leo looks confuse by their sudden appearance.

“From the looks of it, there seems to be another food fight going on right now.” Leo said.

“Hmm. Have you ever had that feeling like your presence is causing more damage than good?” Eric asks.

“Not really.” Jenna said.

“You knew he was gay!” Madison and Ella shout at Jenna, together.

“At least it’s better than finding out he had a girlfriend.” Eric whispers to Leo. Leo nods, smiling in approval.

“How?” Madison asks.

“I knew Donald was gay because I watched him hit on my uncle Jeff at the grocery store. I’m gonna tell you, that was pretty hilarious.” Jenna said.

“So why did you make us fight?” Ella asks.

“I could give a number of reasons. Such as it makes for an interesting story, shows off my intelligence or I could say I enjoy seeing you two fighting over something stupid but I’m going to tell it to you straight. You two are acting like complete idiots! Did you two put earplugs or something when Eric explained what a relationship is? A relationship with someone isn’t to show off or for your own personal needs. It’s a give and take. No relationship should be one sided or to make a friend envious. You guys are better than that.” Jenna said.

Madison and Ella look at each other as Jenna’s Winger speech takes effect. Madison and Ella sighs.

“Sorry, I have a bad taste in guys.” Madison said to Ella.

“Sorry, I have a taste for exotic food.” Ella said to Madison. They hug it out.

“Awww.” Eric and Leo said together.

“See Leo, that’s how come Octavius was the best Spiderman. While he did foul deeds in the past, he repaid for his deeds by accepting his new role.” Jenna said to Leo.

“Still like Mile Morales more.” Leo said.

“And you just cause them to have another food fight in the cafeteria. How are you planning to repay for that?” Eric asks.

The announcement system turns on. The voice of Dean Craig Pelton can be heard in the P.A. system.
“Jenna King. Jenna King. Please report to the Dean’s office. You have some explaining to do with the food fight you just cause in the cafeteria, again.” Dean Pelton announces.

“See I’m repaying for my foul deeds.” Jenna said as she takes her bag and leaves.

The room is quiet as the group watches her leave.

“We’re still mad at you, though!” Madison yells.

“Don’t care. Proving a point to Leo.” Jenna yells back.

Eric looks at the rest of the group. “Just a question, is the food fight still going on?” He asks.


End Tag

In an apartment, Eric and Leo are dress up as talk show hosts. They are sitting on stools and holding coffee mugs with nothing inside. Their attention is focus on what is in front of them, imaginary cameras.

Eric and Leo in the Afternoon!” They sing together.

“And we’re back.” Eric said.

“Better than ever with a new line up.” Leo said.

They stop as they hear the front door of the apartment open. Annie Edison walks in. She is in shock to find them inside her apartment. Eric and Leo react in terror.

“Fire escape.” Eric said. Leo nods in agreement. They run off to the fire escape at the back of the apartment.

Annie shouts in anger, “It’s been you two that’s been breaking into our apartment the whole time!? Get back here!” She grabs a baseball bat as she starts chasing after them.